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Dubeninki. There are no candidates for the council seat. There is no mayor in the commune either, because he has retired

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The second attempt to appoint a successor to the deceased councilor of the commune of Dubeninki (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship) ended in a fiasco. The election was not held again because no candidate came forward. There is no mayor in the municipality. The previous one decided to retire. The prime minister is to appoint a person who will hold the position until a new mayor is appointed in early elections.

– In June last year, the councilor died. There has been a vacancy in the municipal council since then. The date of supplementary elections was set twice. However, the councilor was not elected – says Ewa Bogdanowicz-Kordjak, secretary of the Dubieninki commune in the Gołdap district.

Neither the elections scheduled for September 4 nor those scheduled for March 12 have reported any candidates.

No candidates for councillor. The commune does not have a mayor Dubeninki commune office

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Council until the end of the term in incomplete composition. The commune does not have a mayor

– In this case, in accordance with the electoral code, the mandate will remain vacant until the end of the term. Therefore, the Council will be sitting in a composition of 14 – explains the secretary.

He added that the commune currently does not have a mayor.

– The previous mayor, Ryszard Zieliński, resigned because he decided to go to retirement. The position has been vacant since February 24. The prime minister is to appoint a person who will perform the duties of a commune head until the early elections are resolved. We hope that such a person will appear in our office this week, while the elections are to be held within 90 days from February 24, Bogdanowicz-Kordjak reports.

There should be a candidate for the post of mayor

When asked if he is not afraid that there will be no candidates for the position of mayor, he replies that such a situation is unlikely to occur.

“I think at least one committee will nominate a candidate,” he says.

Either way, the new mayor won’t be in office for too long in this term. Local elections are scheduled for next spring.

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