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Duchess Kate has cancer. Words of support are coming from the country and the world

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After Duchess Kate revealed on Friday that she had been diagnosed with cancer, numerous words of support came to her from around the country and around the world. “The Princess of Wales enjoys the love and support of the entire country during her recovery,” said British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. King Charles said he was proud of Kate for her courage. The White House wished Prince William's wife a speedy recovery.

Duchess Kate, wife of the British heir to the throne, Prince William, announced on Friday that she had been diagnosed with cancer. In a published video, the 42-year-old duchess said that she was undergoing chemotherapy. She did not specify what type of cancer it was.

Recently, after undergoing abdominal surgery in January, Kate disappeared from public life. The sparse information and the long period of the duchess's convalescence resulted in a flood of speculations and conspiracy theories about her health.

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Duchess Kate Aaron Chown/PAP/EPA

King Charles “proud” of Kate

Buckingham Palace said King Charles was proud of Kate for her courage. It added that the monarch “has remained in close contact with his beloved daughter-in-law in recent weeks.”

At the end of January, Karol hit to the same hospital as Kate due to an enlarged prostate. A few days later Buckingham Palace announcedthat during this stay the monarch was diagnosed with cancer. It is not clear what type of cancer this is. King Charles and his wife Kamila “will continue to show their love and support to the entire family during this difficult time,” it added.

Sunak: Kate showed enormous courage

“My thoughts are with the Princess of Wales, the Prince of Wales, the entire royal family and especially their three children at this difficult time,” the British prime minister said in a statement on Friday. “The Princess of Wales enjoys the love and support of the entire country during her recovery,” said Rishi Sunak.

He added that Kate “showed great courage” by speaking publicly about her health. He noted that due to her absence from public space in recent weeks, she had been the subject of increased attention and “was treated unfairly by some media around the world” and by some Internet users.

Sunak stressed that in the current circumstances, the duchess “should be afforded privacy so she can focus on her treatment and being with her loving family.”

“I know I speak on behalf of the entire country in wishing her a full and speedy recovery,” wrote the British Prime Minister. He added that he looks forward to her return “when she is ready.”

The White House wishes Kate a speedy recovery

Washington also commented on the information about the Princess of Wales's illness.

“We are incredibly saddened to hear this news,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said at a news conference on Friday. She added that she wished Kate a full and speedy recovery.

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