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Duchess Meghan a victim of Twitter haters

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Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle fell victim to an organized hate campaign on Twitter, according to the latest report from Bot Sentinel. “Behind the campaign, there are people who know how to run such a campaign, and they get paid for it,” said Christopher Bouzy, director of the company that conducted the research.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were the target of Twitter hate action, with 80 percent of offensive posts against Meghan, according to a report by Bot Sentinel. Experts analyzed 114,000 tweets related to the princely couple. They selected 83 accounts that accounted for 70 percent of negative entries.

“Our analysis found 55 main accounts that were created for hatred purposes and 28 accounts that supported the campaign,” the report said. Accounts are tracked by over 188,000 people, and entries reach up to 17 million users. Some of the tweets contained racist content.

“There are paid people behind the action”

The authors of the report say that there are real people behind the posts, not bots. “We found only slight evidence of bot activity,” emphasized Christopher Bouzy, director of Bot Sentinel, in an interview with the media. He added that neither he nor his associates had ever encountered such a large-scale action before.

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It is not known what was the motive of the creators of the Meghan hating campaign. – Do these people genuinely hate her? Is it racism? Are they trying to undermine the credibility of the princely couple? There are no answers to these questions, he told BuzzFeed News in an interview.

– Behind this campaign are people who know how to manipulate algorithms and avoid account lockout. Such an advanced action must be organized by people who can do such things and receive money for it – he added.

Twitter blocked four accounts

According to Christopher Bouzy in an interview with the Washington Post, Twitter blocked four of the 55 main accounts responsible for the action. The service representatives did not find any evidence confirming the organized action. Soon after the publication of the Bot Sentinel report, however, the company’s analysts noticed a decline in the activity of hate accounts.

Bot Sentinel is a portal that works thanks to donations from donors. It was established in 2018 and deals with the analysis of Twitter accounts that break the standards of the social network.

Meghan and Harry face hate

Hitting the princely couple in tabloids and social media was one of the reasons Meghan and Harry decided to leave the royal family. Duchess Meghan has stated that she is trying to avoid social media “for her own good”.

In 2019, the British royal family announced the fight against haters on social networks on accounts belonging to Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace. It reserved the right to hide and delete comments and to block accounts that break the rules.

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