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Duck’s will. A PSE employee hit by a car. Behind the wheel is the co-founder of Lekaro

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An employee of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne was hit while working by Jerzy Z., co-founder and husband of the owner of the company Lekaro, responsible for waste collection in Warsaw and the surrounding area, Wirtualna Polska found out. The indictment in this case was filed with the court almost a year ago, but a hearing date has not yet been set.

As reported on tvnwarszawa.pl, an employee of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne was hit on February 13 last year in Wola Ducka near Otwock, in a parking lot behind a closed petrol station. Employees of the company performed there – as part of their official duties – a test flight of the 400 kV line Kozienice – Miłosna.

“We stopped at a closed gas station because there were good conditions for the flight” – reported one of the employees in a message sent to the media by the company.

Suddenly, a car appeared from behind the building and began to drive towards them. According to PSE, “everything indicates that this was a deliberate action.” “Only PSE employees dressed in marked clothing were in the parking lot. The driver of the delivery car, without any attempt to brake, drove into the employee replacing the battery in the drone, then reversed and again crashed into the equipment lying on the ground worth several dozen thousand zlotys, and then drove away” – reported the PSE company.

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The injured worker was taken to the hospital. The incident was reported to the police.

Behind the wheel is Jerzy Z., co-owner of Lekaro

Now the Wirtualna Polska portal has revealed that Jerzy Z., co-founder of Lekaro, was behind the wheel of the car, a large company that collects waste from, among others, several Warsaw districts. Right next to the place where an employee of the PSEZ was hit, there is a Lekaro plant.

– Jerzy Z. probably thought that the drone flying over the plant belongs to the environmental protection inspection, and the people present in the parking lot are employees of the environmental protection inspection – says a person who knows the details of the prosecutor’s proceedings quoted by Wirtualna Polska. In the background there are irregularities in the processing of waste, for which Lekaro has already been punished.

Polskie Sieci Energetyczne wanted the perpetrator to be prosecuted for attempted murder and destruction of property worth tens of thousands of zlotys. However, according to Wirtualna Polska, according to the prosecutor’s office, it would be difficult to prove that Jerzy Z. wanted to kill anyone, or even agreed that as a result of his actions the attacked person would die. Therefore, Z. finally heard allegations of exposing a person to a direct danger of loss of life or serious damage to health in conjunction with the violation of the function of a body organ or health disorder. As well as property damage.

Although the indictment in this case was submitted to the court in August last year, a hearing date has not yet been set.

“The doctor is not licensed”

Local residents complain about the operation of the Lekaro plant in Wola Ducka. The president of Otwock, Jarosław Margielski, intervened in the matter. – The PPHU Lekaro installation does not have integrated permits for the collection and management of waste. The permit of the Otwock starost of March 9, 2016, under which the plant operated, was legally revoked in May 2023. Therefore, waste should not be collected and processed on the premises of the plant, the president of Otwock explains in an interview with Wirtualna Polska.

Margielski reported that the owner of Lekaro, Jolanta Z., wife of Jerzy Z., may have committed a crime. It’s about Art. 164 pairs 1 of the Penal Code, i.e. bringing public danger.

This is punishable by imprisonment from six months to eight years.

According to the information provided to Wirtualna Polska, the spouses do not admit guilt. “I am convinced that the court will clear us of the absurd charges against us under the influence of political pressure. The actions of the prosecutor’s office should be considered political actions and inspired by competition for German capital, aimed at destroying my company and monopolizing the waste management market in the capital city of Warsaw,” reads the statement sent to the portal by the son of Mr. and Mrs. Z.

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