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Dunes. During the intervention, he fatally shot the arguing man. The police officer will appear in court

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The District Prosecutor’s Office in Olsztyn has charged a policeman who fatally shot a 32-year-old man during an intervention in a domestic dispute. The officer will answer to the court, among other things: for failure to perform official duties, exceeding powers and involuntary manslaughter of the 32-year-old.

– The District Prosecutor’s Office in Olsztyn accused policeman Mateusz Cz. among others, for failing to perform official duties and exceeding powers, unintentionally causing the death of Tomasz N. and exposing four other people to the immediate danger of loss of life or serious damage to health – informed Daniel Brodowski from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Olsztyn.

The police were called to a domestic dispute. A shot was fired during the shooting, the 32-year-old is dead

To fatally shoot a man during a police intervention took place in December 2021 in Wydminy in Masuria. A two-person patrol, led by Mateusz Cz., was directed to a domestic dispute caused by an intoxicated Tomasz N. After an initial attempt to talk to the 32-year-old, the officers decided to overpower and detain him. – However, Tomasz N. did not follow their orders, he did not allow himself to be handcuffed, he used passive resistance. Importantly, the attempt to incapacitate the man took place in a small room where, apart from him and the policemen, there were four other people. It was his partner who called the police to intervene and three children aged one, nine and 17, Brodowski said. According to investigators, the policeman – in order to force the 32-year-old to comply with the orders – took a pistol from the holster, reloaded it and pointed it towards him, shouting for him to calm down. It didn’t work. The man did not listen and tried to leave the room. A policeman and a patrolwoman tried to stop him.

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– They tried to overpower him. There was a struggle and the three of them fell onto the bed. It was then that Mateusz Cz. fired a shot from his service weapon – said Brodowski. The bullet hit the man in the chest, causing numerous internal injuries, including tore my heart apart. The police immediately performed CPR and called the emergency services. Unfortunately, the wound was fatal. The same bullet wounded the policewoman’s left wrist. Therefore, Mateusz Cz. she was charged with inadvertently causing her health impairment for more than seven days. In the opinion of the prosecutor’s office, because the intervention took place in a very small room, Tomasz N.’s partner and three children were also within the range of the projectile or ricochet, and therefore at risk of loss of life or serious damage to health.

He pleaded not guilty, refused to give explanations

Interrogated as a suspect Mateusz Cz. he did not confess to the alleged offense and exercised his right to remain silent. He was banned from contacting the victims and suspended from official duties. However, late last year, the court overturned the second of these preventive measures, meaning the officer is now free to work. The indictment against the police officer was filed with the District Court in Giżycko. He is facing a sentence of up to five years in prison.

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