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During the inspection, he showed a Latvian document. He was sure that he was guaranteed legal residence. he was wrong

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During the check on the legality of his stay, he showed the Latvian document to the border guards in addition to his original Turkish passport. He was convinced that it was a residence card that guaranteed him legal residence in the territory of the Schengen area and entitles him to travel within its territory. he was wrong. He has been stopped.

“The man detained in Bydgoszcz is a 34-year-old citizen Turkeywho got into the Schengen area illegally in the semi-trailer of a truck, traveling with Serbia through Hungary and finally getting to the area Latvia. As he stated, he was fully aware that he needed a visa to enter the Schengen area, which he did not have, which is why he decided to cross its border by trickery, paying 1,500 euros for the illegal journey.

This document is used only for electronic signature and confirmation of financial operationsNOSG

He paid 80 euros for the card

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He also admitted that he obtained the Latvian document, which he presented to the Border Guard officers on the day of the inspection, from the same Turkish citizen who organized his illegal transfer to Latvia. He paid an additional 80 euros for it. He was sure that it was a Latvian residence card, on the basis of which he could travel all over Europe with the guarantee of legal status. In fact, it is a card that is confusingly similar to a Latvian ID or a Latvian residence permit, but in fact it is only used for electronic signature or financial matters.

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Commitment to return

“In connection with crossing the state border against the regulations and illegal stay against a Turkish citizen, administrative proceedings have been initiated to oblige him to return. An application will also be submitted to the court to place the man in a guarded center for foreigners” adds NOSG.

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Main photo source: NOSG

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