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During the paramotor flight, he noticed smoke over the forest

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During the paramotor flight, he noticed a fire near the forest in the Głowaczów commune. He reacted immediately and notified the fire brigade. The fire was quickly put out.

Jr. asp. Malwina Wlazło from the press team of the Mazovian police reported that on Wednesday an officer of the Control Department of Asp. Grzegorz Bartosiewicz, during a paramotor flight, noticed smoke coming from the forest near the Głowaczów commune, poviat kozienicki.

– The policeman quickly moved to the forest area above the village of Cecylówka-Brzózka, where he noticed burning grass and trees. He immediately called the emergency number 112 and reported the fire. The fire brigade was sent to the place and the fire was extinguished – reported junior asp. It got in.

Aspirant Grzegorz BartosiewiczKWP Radom

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Not the first time

She added that a similar situation had happened a year earlier.

– During the flight with a motor hang glider, a police officer noticed that in the area of ​​the Vistula River, near the village of Kłoda in the commune of Magnuszew, meadows were on fire. Then the officer also reacted quickly, informing the fire brigade – said the representative of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom. She added that thanks to the decisive reaction of the police officer, in both cases it was possible to avoid large material losses.

During the flight, he noticed a fireAspirant Grzegorz Bartosiewicz/KWP Radom

Passion for flying

Aspirant Bartosiewicz has been serving in the police for 18 years, he has been flying paragliders for six. In the 90s he flew gliders. He belongs to a flying club, has a pilot’s license and flies free and powered paragliders.

Grass and trees were on fireAspirant Grzegorz Bartosiewicz/KWP Radom

Main photo source: Aspirant Grzegorz Bartosiewicz/KWP Radom

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