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Dutch. Rescue operation on the Vistula river, two people were carried away by the current of the river. The teenager got out, they are looking for a man

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Rescue services are looking for a 50-year-old man who was swept away by the Vistula river on Sunday afternoon in the Netherlands (Garwolin poviat). The man was staying with his family by the river just before the incident. – At one point they wanted to cross over to the other shore. The 50-year-old was carried away by the current of the river – informs Małgorzata Pychner from the Garwolin police.

The incident took place on Sunday around 14:00 in the Dutch commune of Wilga near Garwolin. The current of the Vistula river kidnapped the man.

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– Police initially determined that the 50-year-old was resting on the river bank with his family. At one point, they wanted to cross to the other shore, but the man was carried away by the current. The remaining people managed to get out of the water – Deputy Commissioner Małgorzata Pychner, the press officer of the Garwolin police, told us.

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Rescue operation on the Vistula

The rescue operation is carried out with the use of seven boats and a jet ski. Divers are working on the spot, who go underwater in search of the missing man. About 40 firefighters are involved in the activities.

– The search is carried out on a section of the river about a kilometer long. Sonar is also on the way. The search is hampered by the low water level on the Vistula. It is a challenge for the helmsmen to maneuver in such conditions – informs junior brigadier Karol Marcinkowski from the Garwolin fire brigade.

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Main photo source: Lesser Poland police

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