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Dwikozy. A motorcyclist without a helmet and driving license crashed into a fence. Recording

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A 21-year-old motorcyclist went for a ride without a license and a helmet. He lost control of the wheel and crashed into a fence. As a warning, the police publish a video of the accident.

Police officers from Sandomierz (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship) received a report that there had been an accident in the commune of Dwikozy. They found a broken motorcycle and an injured man at the scene.

“The 21-year-old decided to test Honda’s performance that day and show off his motorcycle driving skills. It was supposed to be an impressive video of riding on one wheel, but ended up losing control of the bike and hitting the fence,” reads the police statement.

The motorcyclist hit the fenceKPP Sandomierz

The motorcyclist was seriously injured

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It also turned out that the man did not have a license to drive a motorcycle, and he went for a ride without a helmet. “It is fortunate in misfortune that at the time of the incident there were no bystanders, children or another vehicle in that place” – the police point out.

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The motorcyclist suffered multiple injuries. He faces a fine and a driving ban.

Main photo source: KPP Sandomierz

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