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Dziemiany – stud farm. Convicted riding instructor Marcin P. taken to custody

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On Tuesday, Pomeranian police detained and arrested 56-year-old Marcin P., a riding instructor from the stud farm in Dziemiany, who was convicted of sexually abusing two teenage instructors. The case was publicized by TVN's “Superwizjer”.

In January 2024 The District Court in Gdańsk issued a final judgment and sentenced Marcin P., a riding instructor from the stud farm in Dziemiany, for sexually abusing two teenage instructors. The court upheld the judgment from June last year.

The case and the victims' testimonies were presented by Magdalena Gwóźdź in a report by “Superwizjer” TVN.

“Secrets of the stud farm in Dziemiany” – watch the reportage of “Superwizjer” TVN on TVN24 GO

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The man did not voluntarily appear in custody

On Tuesday morning, Pomeranian police officers, at the court's request, detained Marcin P. and took him into custody.

“Police officers from the Criminal Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk carried out the order issued by the court to detain and take into custody a 56-year-old man, a resident of the Kościerzyna district, convicted of a sexual offense. Despite the court's sentence, the man voluntarily did not appear in custody to serve a prison sentence,” the Pomeranian police said.

The police noted in a statement that “even before the man was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for the crimes committed, the police suspected that there might be more injured women.”

“Their suspicions were confirmed, among others, by a report on this matter made by Magdalena Gwóźdź and broadcast in the “Superwizjer” TVN program.

The material included, among others: women's accounts that they, too, were victims of a 56-year-old man, but never reported the crime. Thanks to their operational work, the police established the identity of the victims and reached them. The police are still verifying their findings and working to obtain evidence in this case,” the statement added.

An appeal to injured women

The police also appealed to all injured women to report to the police.

“People who have experienced sexual harassment are asked to contact police officers of the Criminal Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk at ul. Okopowa 15,” the release said.

The police arrested Marcin P. Pomeranian Police

“Information can also be sent via e-mail to the e-mail address dedicated to this matter: pokrzywdzone@gd.policja.gov.pl or call the telephone number 691 420 551. The police ensure anonymity and that every information will be checked by them,” it added.

The case of Marcin P.

Marcin P. was an influential person in the world of horse riding, president of the Pomeranian Riding Association. He trained young competitors at riding camps at the center owned by his mother in Dziemiany in Pomerania.

– The trainer asked me to go with him to see if the horses have hay and water. He started getting close to me, groping me. He forced me to perform oral sex that day – said one of the victims of Marcin P. – He came to my room, started undressing me, took off my pants, socks, wanted to take off my panties (…) he started stroking my buttock – such behavior the instructor was reported by another.

In 2018, two women reported the case to the police. A few days later he was arrested. The prosecutor's office charged him with “causing the victims to undergo another sexual activity by taking advantage of their state of defenselessness” and “causing the victims of violence to undergo another sexual activity.”

After hearing the allegations, he was the president of the Pomeranian Riding Association for two more years. He was later appointed to the audit committee and retained his influence.

In June 2023, the District Court in Kościerzyna illegally sentenced him to 1.5 years in prison for abusing two teenage girls. A few weeks later, a session for children and teenagers started at the equestrian center in Dziemiany. When “Superwizjer” reporters arrived at the place, it turned out that Marcin P. was conducting classes there.

Main photo source: Pomeranian Police

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