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E-administration – the government has adopted a draft amendment to the law

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The government has adopted a draft amendment to the law in connection with the development of e-administration, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister has announced. The amendment is to make it possible to make new public administration services available via the Internet. The government wants this to accelerate changes in the operation of offices.

In the opinion of the project promoters, the new solutions “will be revolutionary for citizens, entrepreneurs and administration”.

“Thanks to e-payments and e-powers of attorney, more matters will be handled entirely online. Digitization will also make it possible to introduce further facilitations for citizens and entrepreneurs” – announced the Chancellery of the Prime Minister informing about the government’s decision.

E-administration – government project

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Thanks to e-payments, it will be possible to pay official fees online, and the office will remind about it by sending a notification in the mObywatel application.

An e-Payment Platform will be created, which will enable payments to be made to public administration using various payment methods. The Office will inform the citizen about the amount to be paid by himself – there will be no need to check the account number and the amount to be paid by himself, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister informed.

Among the most important new solutions there is also the introduction of the Register of Electronic Powers of Attorney – thanks to which it will be possible to authorize another person to act in the office or at the post office via the Internet.

New e-services will be implemented, e.g. for people who intend to get married. They will be able to provide an assurance that there are no circumstances preventing the conclusion of such a relationship online to the head of the registry office.

“Parents will be able to submit an online application for a passport or a temporary passport to a person under 12 years of age” – the Chancellery of the Prime Minister informed.

“Offices will operate more efficiently thanks to the introduction of the obligation to have an IT system for electronic document management. Entrepreneurs will no longer have to announce entries to the National Court Register (KRS) in the Court and Economic Monitor” – it was stated in the information about the changes.

It’s supposed to be harder for cheaters

The changes approved by the government are also intended to make life more difficult for fraudsters – it will be more difficult to impersonate another person thanks to the possibility of verifying the image in the ID Cards Register by selected groups of entrepreneurs.

A Home Medical Care System will be created to provide health care and a comprehensive remote health monitoring service for patients.

The Chancellery of the Prime Minister reminded that from July 14, the mObywatel 2.0 version will be made available.

“The application will be expanded with new functions and documents, including mDowod. It will be a new electronic identity document that will allow you to confirm your identity when dealing with official and other matters in almost every situation in which we currently use an ID card. Introduction of an equivalent mobile identity document means that Poland is at the forefront of countries digitizing.

The law firm emphasized in the information that Poles willingly use e-administration services and appreciate digital services, e.g. e-prescriptions or automatic PIT settlement. Since 2016, the number of trusted profiles has increased from approx. 400,000 to approx. to over 16 million – indicated the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in the material.

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