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E-mail scandal. Money for doctors to fight COVID-19. Mateusz Morawiecki: The communication effect is basic for me here

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In the latest version of the e-mail scandal, there was a thread of additional money for health care workers in connection with the fight against the coronavirus. On this matter, in April 2020, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was to write that he would like to “be able to announce more clearly to the world urbi et orbi that we are raising salaries”. “The communication effect is basic for me here,” he said. The head of the chancellery of the head of the government, Michał Dworczyk and the then Deputy Minister of Health Janusz Cieszyński, were to discuss this matter by e-mail.

Correspondence has been appearing on the Internet for several months now, which is supposed to come – as the screenshots suggest – from the private mail of the head of the office of Prime Minister Michał Dworczyk. The rulers questioned the veracity of the e-mails, but so far have not shown a single example of manipulated correspondence.


New thread of the e-mail scandal. “Funds for hospital services COVID-19”

In the latest e-mail scandal, there is correspondence entitled “COVID-19 doctors – additional money?”. The correspondence is attended by the following persons: Krzysztof Michalski, Janusz Cieszyński, Michał Dworczyk, Krzysztof Kubów, Mariusz Chłopik, Michał Kamiński, Piotr Mueller, Przemysław Humięcki, Tomasz Fill, Tomasz Matynia, Mateusz Morawiecki. There are also two e-mail addresses, one of which may indicate Renata Oszast – director general of the Ministry of Finance, and the other may be associated with the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

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The news is to come from April 4, 2020. In an e-mail sent after midnight that day, Michalski was to describe the process of donating funds for COVID-19 hospital services by the National Health Fund (we keep the original spelling of all alleged e-mails).

The funds for hospital services COVID-19 are provided by the National Health Fund – these are fees for specific services, e.g. transport or hospitalization of a patient with COVID-19, but also being ready for transport or hospitalization – the National Health Fund for this purpose 200 million, but so far only 1 million (so far several applications have been received, the rest are on the way) – hospital directors decide how to distribute these funds – how much for salaries, how much for disinfection liquid, how much for coffee – Ł. Szumowski says “There are additional funds for hospitals and they can be in part devoted to appreciating the staff, The decision to allocate the money belongs to the hospital management. (…) I hope that this will allow doctors to be appreciated “The Ministry of Health and the National Health Fund are against imposing on the directors how much to pay employees, you can think that we are raising the valuation some COVID and ŁSz services go to the hospital and say “dear directors – this is money for employees”

At that time, when an e-mail with this content was to be sent, Łukasz Szumowski took the position of the Minister of Health.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was to reply to this wording:

Thank you for the explanation … … but – I would like to be able to clearly announce to the world urbi et orbi that we are raising salaries for Doctors, paramedics, etc. How to do it? The communication effect is here for me BASIC THINKS PLS COD Krzysztof – write / describe this part of our evening discussion (what and why are we talking about pay rises for the health service)

Email scandal in the PiS government. “Staff will talk about bonuses instead of working”

Michalski was then to write:

COD without a Boss It’s about showing how much the government understands, likes and appreciates doctors 🙂 + show the increases in the counter of possible other reductions @Janusz Cieszyński @ Przemysław Humięcki how can we give this money? Does the proposal: – increasing the valuation of the benefit (or adding a new reimbursed benefit on the COVID list? e.g. keeping a doctor / nurse / paramedic ready – is there any other “motivational” message) – the message “directors – this is money for employees” make sense?

Michał Kamiński was to send a tweet of TVN24 journalist Maciej Sokołowski in his correspondence, saying: “#Belgium the federal government has decided to grant a bonus to health care workers fighting the # Covid_19 epidemic. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists will receive an additional EUR 1,450”.

“I do not know how the system is set up in Belgium, but the Embassy could make a quick check if their example could not be used” – was to write Kamiński under the attached screenshot.

The then Deputy Minister of Health, Janusz Cieszyński, was to react to this with the words: “Manual control of salaries – we have already done it, big no”.

Next, Kamiński was to write:

As I understand it, in Belgium they chose to grant a high bonus, not a permanent raise. Their mindset could be this: I will give a raise of 150 euros and people will start to relate to this amount: “Are you valuing my dedication, risk of losing my health and life at 150 euros?” And two: “We do not have basic personal protective equipment (no matter what the reason) and are you talking about money? Give me masks for my family and not 1000 zlotys.” You have to be careful with increases in these conditions because you throw yourself into an explosive topic on the agenda.

Tomasz Matynia was to join the discussion, writing:

It is not about any manual control of the salary, but a COVID allowance for the medical worker. Clear statement that this is an allowance for working with COVID

In response to this, Cieszyński was to write:

“And the staff will talk about bonuses instead of working, it will only spoil the atmosphere. Healthcare is not a uniformed service, where the state is the employer. Employers are individual institutions and they should determine wages. Therefore, the state should definitely not introduce wages / benefits, etc. There. It is much better to give money for the facilities, to say how Łukasz has already done it, that it includes, among others, the staff, that the director can distribute them according to local needs.

Przemysław Humięcki was also supposed to express his position in a correspondence discussion, writing:

I agree with Janusz, I strongly advise against – with such top-down additions or anything else, there were always a lot of problems – Now, when some people get such bonuses, there will always be more of those who think that they should also, and have been omitted / deceived Because what criterion should be introduced who will get For example, work in single-name hospitals? And all staff in all regular establishments? – they think that they are also exposed to infections and that now they have a lot more work (because they have) etc. This is the Gordian knot TVN will always find a lot of people who will complain that they did not get or that they did not get enough or anything

Renata Oszast was supposed to refer to it with the words:

You can raise the valuation of certain benefits – closely related to working in mono-hospital hospitals, and give a clear message to directors that it is de facto for allowances or awards for staff What about the rest of the staff in other institutions, where the risk is high and hands are less due to the intensity of work in the same hospital? You have to give something too. I do not know how to let it into the system The concept of one-off bonuses for all medical personnel of hospitals and paramedics with a gradation of its amount and depending on the degree of participation in the fight against coronavirus is, in my opinion, the best. Sell ​​it as a one-off from the Prime Minister’s reserve with clear criteria for this gradation: the first front line, i.e. rescuers and doctors of homonymous hospitals, max, for example, 10,000, the rest of the xxxxxxx R

Michał Dworczyk was to agree with Oszast and write:

In my opinion, proposed by Mr. This cheat is an idea that realizes our intentions: The concept of one-off bonuses for all medical personnel of hospitals and paramedics with a gradation of its amount and depending on the degree of participation in the fight against coronavirus is, in my opinion, the best. Sell ​​it as a one-off from the Prime Minister’s reserve with clear criteria for this gradation: the first front line, i.e. rescuers and doctors of homonymous hospitals, max, for example, 10,000, the rest after xxxxxxx

Cieszyński was to describe it this way:

The valuation was raised a few weeks ago for this very purpose. Attempts to force a specific division are, in my opinion, unrealistic to decree badly, but the directors will certainly mostly go this way. One off from the premiere is a good idea.

The government has been consistently silent on the disclosed correspondence

Both members of the government and Dworczyk himself refrain from answering questions that concern matters presented in the allegedly published e-mails.

We asked the prime minister’s office and the government spokesman by e-mail regarding the above-mentioned correspondence.

The Government Information Center replies that “Poland has experienced a cybernetic and disinformation attack carried out from the territory of the Russian Federation”, therefore “the Chancellery of the Prime Minister will not comment on the content of the materials”.

More information about published e-mails:

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak / PAP

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