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E-mail scandal. Tomasz Siemoniak on “omissions of the services” “We are returning to such investigations”

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When there were suspicions about PiS politicians, the services became defenseless, said Tomasz Siemoniak, Minister Coordinator of Special Services, on Friday, arguing that the investigation of Russian influence was omitted. In his opinion, an example is the case of the e-mail scandal and messages that were allegedly leaked from Michał Dworczyk's mailbox. – We are coming back to such investigations. This will be the subject of various applications submitted to the prosecutor's office, Siemoniak announced.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced from the parliamentary podium that the commission on Russian influence would be established again, “in accordance with the constitution”, and “will examine very carefully the Russian and Belarusian influence on the governments of the United Right.”

On Friday, Minister Coordinator of Special Services Tomasz Siemoniak was asked on Polsat News which investigations were an example of failure to investigate Russian influence. – An example of this is the e-mail scandal. It's about the leak and publication of e-mails from the mailbox of Minister Michał Dworczyk and other PiS politicians – he replied.


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Siemoniak: We are returning to such investigations

He pointed out that after the first e-mails were revealed, those in power claimed that “this is a great action by the Russian and Belarusian services.”

– An extraordinary, secret session of the Sejm was convened, but no investigation into this matter was conducted vigorously. Several years have passed since then and the public knows nothing. Why? This concerned the most important PiS politicians, so even the eastern thread provided by PiS was not exploited at all – he added.

As he noted, “we are returning to such investigations.” – Various applications to the prosecutor's office will concern this. There are also new matters about which the heads of services informed the Prime Minister the day before yesterday, said the minister. When asked about the new cases, he replied that they “concerned various omissions of the services.”

– When there were any suspicions about PiS politicians, the services became absolutely toothless and defenseless – he added.

The PiS government's e-mail scandal

Since mid-2021, e-mail correspondence has been published on anonymous channels and websites on the Internet, which is said to come from, among others, the private e-mail of the former head of the Prime Minister's office, Michał Dworczyk. The United Right government questioned the veracity of these emails, but did not provide an example of fake news. On the other hand, the authenticity of several of them has been publicly confirmed by people participating in the correspondence.

During the PiS government, the Government Information Center consistently stated that “Poland experienced a cybernetic and disinformation attack launched from the territory of the Russian Federation”, and therefore “the Chancellery of the Prime Minister will not comment on the content of the materials.”

Main photo source: Marcin Obara/PAP

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