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e-TOLL – changes from October 1, 2021. What is it? How it works?

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So far, over 717,000 vehicles have been registered in the e-TOLL system, the National Revenue Administration announced on Friday. On October 1, this toll collection system for trucks and buses replaced the previously used viaTOLL. There are also changes for drivers of passenger cars – a new traffic organization was introduced at Toll Collection Points on the A2 (Konin-Stryków) and A4 (Wrocław-Sośnica) motorways. On December 1, gates will be completely closed in these places.

As Małgorzata Spychała-Szuszczyńska, spokeswoman for the Chamber of Tax Administration in Poznań recalled, from Friday 1 October, drivers of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight above 3.5 tons, as well as buses, regardless of their permissible total weight, can only use the new e-TOLL system.

– Without registering with e-TOLL, driving on national roads and motorways managed by GDDKiA has not been possible for these vehicles since October – she noted.

New e-TOLL system and change of traffic organization

Spychała-Szuszczyńska pointed out that due to the expiration of the viaTOLL toll collection system, as of Friday, there was a change in the organization of traffic at the Toll Collection Points (MPO) on the sections of the A2 Konin – Stryków and A4 Wrocław – Sośnica motorways. The new traffic organization on the A2 Konin – Stryków section will mean that the extreme right exit and entry lanes will be for drivers using e-TOLL, the left extreme exit and entry lanes will be intended for manual handling (for passenger cars and motorcycles).

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Detailed information on changes in connection with the application of the e-TOLL electronic toll collection system can be found, among others, on the website www.wielkopolskie.kas.gov.pl.

– The e-TOLL system is a modern solution based on satellite positioning technology, which is more convenient for drivers and more beneficial for the state than viaTOLL, which is currently being shut down. The new system is one of the largest teleinformation projects implemented by the public administration, stated Magdalena Rzeczkowska, head of KAS.


e-TOLL – a new toll collection system on motorways

As convinced by KAS, the construction and maintenance of the new e-TOLL system is cheaper than the viaTOLL system, based on traditional radio technology with extensive road infrastructure. As reported, since 2011, the total costs of viaTOLL amounted to over PLN 4.8 billion, including the construction cost of almost PLN 1.7 billion, and operation over PLN 3.1 billion.

“Thanks to the e-TOLL system based on satellite positioning technology, it was possible to significantly reduce the costs related to the infrastructure. The project budget was estimated at PLN 448.1 million, of which approximately PLN 215.3 million has been spent so far” – informs KAS.

The National Revenue Administration has announced that in the initial period of operation of the new e-TOLL toll collection system, it will primarily apply instructions, not penalties.

“This is the result of conclusions drawn from the implementation of the viaTOLL system. Each case will be treated individually. Additionally, the possibility of paying the missing fee within 3 days was introduced, if the funds on the prepaid account ran out. In the viaTOLL system, a penalty was imposed” – explains the National Administration Treasury.

e-TOLL – without stopping at the gates

The new system has been included since June 24 this year. 3,700 km of toll roads for heavy vehicles, and on sections of the Konin-Stryków (A2) and Wrocław-Sośnica (A4) motorways, the e-TOLL can also be used by users of light vehicles.

The transport industry had more than three months to switch to the new toll collection system on toll sections of national roads.

As emphasized, the new system is a comprehensive online service without the need to visit a customer service point and sign a contract. System solutions allow you to view the history of fees and conveniently manage your account. They also allow you to choose a device for transmitting geolocation data. According to KAS, e-TOLL saves money and time as well as improves travel comfort.

KAS reminds that thanks to the introduction of the e-TOLL, from December 1, 2021, driving on state sections of motorways, also for passenger cars, will take place without stopping in front of the gates.

e-TOLL – new devices

From June 29, 2021, carriers can benefit from a tax relief for equipping vehicles with OBU / ZSL devices. The maximum amount is PLN 500 (net) for each vehicle of the taxpayer who made a trip in 2021 and paid for it electronically in the new system.

Until September 30 this year. there was a discount of 25% for tolls for heavy vehicles on toll roads and passenger cars on state sections of the A2 and A4 motorways. From October 1 to the end of 2021, users will pay 30 percent for journeys with e-TOLL. less.

In the event of a GPS device failure, the user will be able to pay for the trip without transferring data to the system and continue it without a working GPS device after declaring the route.

In exceptional circumstances, e.g. when a vehicle is involved in a rescue operation; it is used for transporting live animals, milk, medicines, dangerous goods, concrete, municipal waste; in the case of buses carrying passengers – declaring the journey will be possible up to 3 days after its completion.

The project of building a new system was carried out jointly by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport, Critical Applications, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister (department responsible for digitization) and the Institute of Communications – National Research Institute.

The e-TOLL enters – changes at the gatesetoll.gov.pl

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