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E-TOLL instead of viaTOLL. KAS will not penalize carriers in the initial period of operation of the system

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In the initial period of the e-TOLL system operation, the National Revenue Administration will not penalize carriers. This is the result of the recent intervention in this case by the Ombudsman for Small and Medium Enterprises, Adam Abramowicz. On September 30, the possibility to use the existing viaTOLL system and the new e-TOLL system at the same time expired.

A few days ago, the Office of the Ombudsman for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises informed that Abramowicz asked the National Tax Administration to extend the transition period in the viaTOLL and e-TOLL systems to help the transport and passenger transport industry. From October 1, carriers can only use the e-TOLL system.

e-TOLL replaced the viaTOLL system. KAS will not penalize carriers

On Saturday, the Office of the SME Ombudsman announced that the intervention of Adam Abramowicz was effective – the National Revenue Administration will not penalize carriers in the initial period of the e-TOLL system operation. As the head of KAS Magdalena Rzeczkowska informed in a letter to the SME Ombudsman, checks on the correctness of payment of fees in the initial period of the e-TOLL system operation, which from October 1 will be carried out by GITD inspectors and the Customs and Fiscal Service, will be primarily preventive – their “basic the element will be instructing, not punishing the participant of the transport carried out “.

According to the Office of the Spokesman for SMEs, Abramowicz’s postulate to waive the punishment of carriers was also taken into account. “In cases for which the act provides for imposing fines on drivers, instructions will be applied. However, in cases of fines imposed by GITD, except for the lack of registration in e-TOLL, inspectors will first use the institution of” withdrawal “from imposing an administrative fine, “wrote the head of the National Revenue Administration.

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E-TOLL instead of viaTOLL. Adam Abramowicz’s writing

In a letter of September 29, addressed to Magdalena Rzeczkowska, Adam Abramowicz asked for an extension of the transitional period for the simultaneous operation of the viaTOLL and e-TOLL systems. As reported at the time, this would not only allow for a smooth migration of many users’ data from the existing viaTOLL system, but also provide IT services of the National Revenue Administration with more time to adapt the e-TOLL system to the needs of carriers.

Abramowicz also called for a waiver of penalties, in the initial period of the target operation of the e-TOLL system, i.e. from October 1 this year, carriers who did not manage to register in the new toll payment system or were unable to use it for technical reasons.

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