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E10 instead of E5 at gas stations. What do you need to know about it?

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From January 1, 2024, a new type of fuel will be introduced at gas stations – E10 gasoline. Not all cars will be able to refuel it, but drivers will be able to check it using a special search engine. A month before the changes, the Ministry of Climate reminds what is worth knowing about the new fuel.

Poland is the 18th country in Europe to introduce E10 motor gasoline. According to the Ministry of Climate and Environment, its introduction “results from the need to increase the share of sustainable biofuels in transport fuels.” The ministry notes that bioethanol, which is contained in gasoline, will reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector. This, in turn, will translate into improved air quality, especially in large cities, and thus protect human health and the environment.

In a statement on the X platform, formerly Twitter, the ministry also notes that the production of E10 gasoline will translate into support for Polish farmers and Polish biofuel producers.

E10 will replace E5

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E10 petrol has an increased content of biocomponents, up to 10%. volume of bioethanol. Meanwhile, E5 petrol, which E10 will replace, contains a maximum of 5%. volume of bioethanol.

E10 petrol. Can I refuel it?

Not all passenger cars are suitable for refueling with E10 petrol. Therefore, the Ministry of Climate has prepared a special search engine for drivers, where they will be able to check the compatibility of their car with the new type of fuel.

In the search engine, you must enter the vehicle make, model and year, and then you will receive information whether the vehicle can be refueled with E10 gasoline. It is available at E10.KLIMAT.GOV.PL.

This tool was developed by the Poznań Institute of Technology, and the cost of the work amounted to PLN 157,317 gross.

E10 petrol. What else is worth knowing?

Talks with representatives of the fuel industry about the introduction of E10 fuel in Poland have been ongoing since 2019.

“We are prepared to introduce a new gasoline format to the market from 2024. Currently, the Ministry of Climate and Environment does not identify a threat to the adopted assumptions related to the implementation of the E10 format, neither in the area of ​​logistics nor quality requirements,” the ministry concluded, answering PAP’s question about the status preparations for the implementation of E10 gasoline.

Orlen also commented on the issue of introducing a new fuel. “From the new year, at all stations in Poland, E10 gasoline will replace gasoline with an octane number of 95 with a 5% share of bio-additives (E5). However, the so-called premium gasoline with an octane number of 98 will continue to be sold in the E5 format,” Orlen explained.

TVN24 Biznes/Ministry of Climate and Environment

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