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E10 new fuel at gas stations. How much it will cost?

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Not all drivers will fill up with the popular 95 petrol from January 1. In a month, this fuel will have a different composition and will not be suitable for every car. The Ministry of Climate and Environment has even prepared a special search engine for drivers. Here you can check for which car the changed fuel is not recommended. Material of the “Poland and the World” program.

The 95 marked E5 will disappear from gas stations from January. It will be replaced by E10 fuel.

– Instead of adding ethanol at the level of 5 percent, it will be above 5 percent, up to a maximum of 10 percent, but in practice it will be about 7-8 percent – explains Leszek Wiwała, president of the Polish Organization of Petroleum Industry and Trade.

E10 fuel. Is it for you

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Today, the popular 95 marked with the E5 symbol will change to E10 from January because the fuel content will change. There will be more bio-components in E10. This is very important information for owners of older cars. The E10 will not be suitable for every vehicle.

– Bioethanol may cause greater wear of engine components, so you need to make sure that the car is compatible – says Prof. Joanna Kargul, Center of New Technologies, University of Warsaw.

The Ministry of Climate and Environment has launched a special search engine. By entering the year and make of the car, you can check whether E10 is suitable for a specific car. If not, the driver is left to continue refueling. It will still be available at stations, but only in the premium class.

– Generally speaking, since November 2010, almost all, if not all, cars manufactured in the European Union have been adapted to E10 fuel. There may be some exceptions, there may also be cars manufactured outside the European Union, so it is worth checking in the search engine – explains Wiwala.

It is especially worth checking vehicles that are over 13 years old.

E10 from January 1 at gas stations. Will it be more expensive?

The new 95 is not only a different marking and a changed composition. Fuel consumption will also be different – explained the Ministry of Climate

“Due to the higher content of bioethanol, it produces slightly less energy than E5 motor gasoline, therefore a slight increase in fuel consumption is possible (by about 1 to 2 percent),” said information sent to the editorial office of the “Polska i Świat” magazine.

– This change will be of marginal importance. It can be said that engine parameters and weather are much more important here – notes Wiwala.

Experts argue that drivers will not notice any difference in fuel consumption. The question is whether in the new year they will see a different price for a liter of 95, to which ethanol will be added in larger quantities. This one is more expensive than gasoline.

– It seems that this fuel will be at the same price. I don’t see any justification why this price would differ from traditional fuel. Considering that, as we said, it is to be simply the current equivalent of gasoline, which we already know from Polish stations – Dr. Jakub Bogucki, fuel market analyst at e-petrol.pl.

E10 is a greener fuel

– It will be a greener fuel – adds prof. Kargul. The idea is for drivers to pollute the environment less. – It is estimated that E10 will reduce up to 750,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually, which is equivalent to eliminating about 350,000 cars on our roads – he adds.

This is the next stage in the European Union’s fight against smog. Poland will be the 18th European country to introduce E10.

The fuel content will change, but the old name may remain. As we have checked, not all stations will give up the designation 95 on E10. The old name can stay and they will leave two fuel signs.

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