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Early elections in the Żelazków commune

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Early elections for the commune head are held on Sunday in the Żelazków commune (Greater Poland Voivodeship). Seven candidates are competing for the office. Voting will last until 9.00 p.m. The former mayor, Sylwiusz J., lost the right to be elected due to a valid court judgment.

The following are competing for the seat of the commune administrator: Włodzimierz Czarnecki, Agnieszka Dumańska, Adam Jakubowski, Michał Kraszkiewicz, Alicja Łuczak, Bogdan Muszyński, Zbigniew Orlicz-Błoński. Nine election committees were registered, two of which ultimately did not put forward any candidates.

“Every vote, and therefore every adult citizen, has a real impact on the election result. Let’s decide together who will become the steward of our commune for the next year and a half” – the commune office encourages the vote.

Polling stations will be open until 21.

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The early elections in Żelazków are a consequence expiry of the mandate of the head of the Żelazków commune. Sylwiusz J. lost the right of election in connection with a final and binding sentence for an intentional crime prosecuted by public indictment. Election Commissioner in Kalisz, Anna Krysicka informed about the expiry of the mandate of the Head of the Żelazków commune in the announcement of April 12, 2022.

Sylwiusz J. has several verdicts to his creditTVN24

There were more reasons for the expiry of the mandate

The head of Żelazków could have had his mandate terminated twice earlier – on December 24, 2020 and July 9, 2021. It did not happen then.

The first time the case was concerned attacks on a policeman during the 1st Equality March in Kalisz. The court imposed a fine of 5,000 on the commune administrator. PLN and 3 thousand. PLN compensation for the injured party, as well as covering the costs of the trial.

The second of the above judgments was issued in the case of insulting firefighters. It is about the events of January 14, 2018. At night, the mayor called the servants to the house, because allegedly a passing car was supposed to hit his property. It turned out that there was no such event on the spot. But the firefighters who arrived were insulted. The court sentenced the mayor to a fine of PLN 9,600.

In an interview with the Polish Press Agency, Commissioner Krysicka said that the reason for the delay was an oversight, and the reason for the omission was the change in the provisions in the electoral code. “During the term of office of the local government, the provisions of the Electoral Code were changed and they were tightened” – she explained. Judgments against J. were handed down in the District Court in Kalisz, whose president is Anna Krysicka.

The head of Żelazkowa Sylwiusz J. arrested during the Equality March in Kalisz. He had two blood counts22.09 | A crowd with rainbow flags and banners with the slogan: “Not for homophobia” passed through Kalisz. This is the first Equality March held in this city. During the march, the police arrested the head of Żelazków Sylwiusz J. Having almost two per mille of alcohol in his blood, he struggled with the officers. J. is already charged with abuse of his family and insulting public officials.tvn24

Aggressive behavior under the influence of alcohol

Sylwiusz J. is known to the public for his aggressive behavior under the influence of alcohol. He has a total of five sentences in which he was sentenced to fines or forced community service.

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>>> The head of Żelazków was sentenced, he was to threaten with beating

>>> Sylwiusz J. was also accused of abusing his family, but the court acquitted him of this charge because his wife and son had exercised their right to refuse to testify before the court

Kalisz: Mayor in custody.  He was supposed to bully the family

Kalisz: Mayor in custody. He was supposed to bully the family05.02. | The mayor of Żelazków in Greater Poland, Sylwiusz J., suspected of, inter alia, abusing his family, was arrested by the court’s decision for one month – prosecutor Rafał Rybarczyk informed. The voivode asked the prime minister to appoint a person to perform the function of the commune administrator.TVN 24 Poznań

Main photo source: TVN24

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