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Earnings. Half of the voivodes are richer than a year ago

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Voivodes’ salaries increased by more than 20 percent in 2022. Three had an annual earnings of over PLN 200,000. The highest total income had the Podkarpackie Voivode, and the largest savings – the Silesian Voivode. We present an analysis of asset declarations.

Voivodes, i.e. representatives of the government in the field – like many other state officials – are required to submit annual asset declarations under the Act on Restriction of Economic Activity by Persons Performing Public Functions. Since the beginning of the rule of the United Right, i.e. since December 2015, voivodes have agreed to make their statements public. According to the latest NIK analysis, implementation of the state budget in 2022the average remuneration of persons holding managerial state positions in 2022 amounted to PLN 18,990, while in voivodeship offices (voivodes and their deputies) – PLN 15,586.20 and compared to 2021, it increased by 19.3 percent.

Which voivodes earned the most in 2022

Based on the property declarations submitted by the voivodes for 2022, we calculated their average annual earnings for holding the position of the voivode. We calculated it on the basis of entries in the asset declarations of 14 voivodes and information from the press secretary of the voivode of Wielkopolska. We did not include the voivode of Łódź, Karol Młynarczyk, because he has only been in this position since April this year, so his statement includes earnings from three and a half months of 2023 (which is why we did not include him in year-to-year comparisons).

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Thus, the average annual remuneration for performing the function of a voivode – taking into account the above-mentioned sources – in 2022 was PLN 196,943.24 gross. It gives it monthly PLN 16,411.94so slightly more than reported by NIK (except that the Chamber also included deputy voivodes).

Five voivodes declared annual salaries above this average (gross amounts):
Lech SprawkaLublin Voivode – PLN 241,011.44
Ewa LeniartPodkarpackie Voivode – 219,370.00 zloty
Michal Zielinskivoivode of Greater Poland – 207,439.14 zloty
Nikolai BogdanowiczKuyavian-Pomeranian Voivode – 197,970.99 zloty
Artur ChojeckiGovernor of Warmia and Mazury – 197,125.36 zloty.

The remaining ten voivodes declared annual earnings below the annual average. The least: Mazowieckie Voivode Tobias Bochenski (PLN 180,585) and the West Pomeranian Voivode Zbigniew Bogucki (PLN 180,037.16). Details in the table below.

Remuneration of voivodes in 2022Concrete24

When a year ago we analyzed the remuneration of voivodes from their asset declarations for 2021, then the average annual remuneration was PLN 159,884.17, and the monthly remuneration was PLN 13,323.68 (it was also the average of 15 declarations). Thus, the increase in the average monthly salary was year-on-year 23 percent

The Podkarpackie Voivode leaves the rest behind

In addition to the salary resulting from the function, voivodes have other sources of income. Six of them declare, for example, income from renting apartments or parking spaces, from lectures, commissions or disability benefits.

The leader is Ewa Leniart, the Podkarpackie Voivode: her total income – including salary, rental income, survivor’s pension and remuneration from the University of Rzeszów – amounted in 2022 to PLN 442,459. The second in this ranking, but with a significant difference, is the voivode of Lesser Poland, Łukasz Kmita – PLN 238,631 (including salary and donation in the amount of PLN 52,000); third – Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivode Mikołaj Bogdanowicz – PLN 224,370 (salary, rental income PLN 8.4 thousand and PLN 18 thousand under 500+).

Houses, plots, apartments

A house on a plot and an apartment or the apartment itself – these are the most often entered by voivodes in property declarations of real estate they own (or co-owners with their spouse). Except that voivodes, unlike deputies and senators, do not have to provide the value of their real estate. Ewa Leniart showed them the most: she has two houses, an apartment and three plots of land. Compared to 2021, her property holdings have not changed. The same is true for nine other voivodes.

Three voivodes acquired new properties: the voivode of Lubuskie, Władysław Dajczak, acquired a house from his in-laws in exchange for a life annuity contract; the voivode of Lesser Poland, Łukasz Kmita, paid for a second apartment; West Pomeranian Voivode Zbigniew Bogucki bought another, third apartment.

In turn, the province governor of Świętokrzyskie Zbigniew Koniusz declared that in 2021 he was the owner of six plots, and in the statement for 2022 he entered the ownership of three plots of different area. Only the Pomeranian Voivode, Dariusz Drelich, consistently since 2015 – since he became the voivode – has entered into his asset declarations that he has no real estate.

State of ownership in 2022 declared by the Pomeranian Voivode Dariusz Drelich asset declaration

Most savings in cash and securities are growing

Eight voivodes increased their cash resources in 2022, i.e. accumulated savings in cash and securities (shares, bonds, shares in funds, policies). Savings in foreign currencies were converted at the NBP exchange rate from the last day of 2022, the amounts are rounded to full zlotys.

And so: the cash resources of the Lublin Voivode, Lech Sprawka, increased the most year on year – by approx. PLN 88,000. PLN – up to PLN 240,000 zloty. By 70,000 PLN, the savings of the Lubuskie Voivode, Władysław Dajczak, increased to PLN 150,000. PLN (savings declared jointly with his wife). In turn, savings in zlotys and dollars, policies and IKE of the Podkarpackie Voivode Ewa Leniart increased by approx. PLN 80,000. PLN – up to PLN 460.1 thousand zloty.

However, the largest cash resources were collected by the Silesian Voivode Janusz Wieczorek – his total savings in zlotys, euros, bonds and funds amounted to in 2022 476.9 thousand zloty; it was about 29 thousand. PLN more than the year before.

Financial resources indicated by the Silesian Voivode Janusz Wieczorek in 2022 asset declaration

Five voivodes showed lower financial resources in 2022 than in 2021 – e.g. less by approx. 173 thousand. Zbigniew Bogucki, the West Pomeranian Voivode, had PLN 279,351, less by approx. PLN 107,000. PLN had the Podlaskie Voivode Bogdan Paszkowski (PLN 76,944), less by PLN 75 thousand. Jarosław Obremski, the governor of Lower Silesia, had PLN 100,000.

The smallest savings at the end of 2022 were shown in the asset declaration by the Świętokrzyskie Voivode Zbigniew Koniusz – PLN 2,000. PLN (previous year: PLN 8 thousand).

Main photo source: Rafał Guz, Darek Delmanowicz, Karol Zienkiewicz/PAP

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