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Earnings on TVP. Joanna Kurska earned PLN 1.5 million, an average of PLN 117,000 a month on TVP

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Telewizja Polska transferred PLN 1 million, 532,000 to the account of Joanna Kurska, wife of Jacek Kurski, former president of TVP, Onet reported. As he added, Kurska worked at state television for a total of just over a year. This means that she received on average PLN 117,000 per month of work.

“Jacek Kurski’s wife came to Woronicza with the so-called good change. In February 2016, still as Joanna Klimek, she became deputy director of the program coordination office, and a moment later she moved to the position of director. She said goodbye to her job at TVP after a few months – in November 2016” – we read in Onet.

As it was added, “after leaving Telewizja Polska, Jacek Kurski’s current wife found a job in the state gas giant PGNiG, and then in Netia.”

Joanna Kurska returned to TVP in September 2022, then became the head of “Pytanie na breakfast”. At the beginning of January 2023, TVP issued a statement in which it announced the termination of the contract with Kurska by mutual consent of the parties.

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Joanna KurskaTomasz Gzell/PAP

Million-dollar transfers for the Kurskis

In total, Joanna Kurska has worked at Telewizja Polska for 13 months since 2016. According to Onet’s information, by 2023 the state broadcaster transferred PLN 1,532,000 to her account. zloty. This means that she received on average PLN 117,000 per month of work. zloty.

Onet also learned that TVP paid Jacek Kurski a total of PLN 4.5 million during his presidency. This means that the Kurski couple earned over PLN 6 million on Polish Television in the years 2016-2023.

Joanna and Jacek KurscyJoanna and Jacek Kurscy/FOTON/PAP

High salaries of Kurska’s ex-husband

As Onet noted, “interestingly, Joanna Kurska’s ex-husband was also employed at TVP as a producer.”

“It turns out that Tomasz Klimek was one of the best-paid employees of the PiS-controlled television. He worked at the Entertainment Creation and Fixtures Agency TVP. According to our information, the company paid him PLN 3.86 million in 2018-2023. In Telewizja Polska “He was involved in, among other things, directing concerts. He also worked on the organization of ‘New Year’s Eve Dreams’,” it was emphasized.

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Main photo source: Tomasz Gzell/PAP

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