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Earnings. Which city mayor earned more than the prime minister? We check asset declarations

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Eight mayors of the largest Polish cities had incomes higher than the prime minister in 2022, including the mayor of Krakow even higher than the president. However, it is the president of Kielce who still has the greatest wealth.

We analyzed the asset declarations of the mayors of the largest Polish cities – those with over 200,000 inhabitants. residents. According to the Central Statistical Office, there are 14 of them, 11 of them are capitals of voivodeships. We have added the remaining seven voivodship cities to this group. It should be remembered that the Lubuskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeships have two capitals each: Toruń is the seat of the regional council, Bydgoszcz – the seat of the voivode; similarly in Lubuskie – in Zielona Góra there is a voivodeship assembly, in Gorzów Wielkopolski – a voivode.

Our analysis, however, includes the asset declarations of 20 presidents for 2022, because the statement of the president of Opole, Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, has not yet been published. We asked the spokesman for the president of Opole to provide this statement, but we did not receive a response to the publication of the text.

Local government officials – commune heads, mayors, presidents of cities, councilors at all levels – are required to submit annual asset declarations. Accordance with the law about local government their statements are public and must be published on the website of the Public Information Bulletin of the relevant local government. The amounts presented in the statement are given as they were entered in the asset declarations: some are given to the nearest penny, others rounded. Amounts in foreign currencies were converted into PLN at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland as at December 30, 2022, because the statements concern the assets at the end of the year.

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Who earned more than the president and prime minister

The annual income of mayors of the 20 largest cities and voivodeship cities in 2022 due to holding the position of president was between PLN 178.8 thousand and PLN 178.8 thousand. PLN (Mayor of Olsztyn Piotr Grzymowicz) and 290.2 thousand. PLN gross (Mayor of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk). The mayors of Lublin, Krzysztof Żuk, and Zielona Góra, Jacek Kubicki, did not specify the remuneration for holding the office of president – they only provided the total amount of annual gross income.

Three mayors – Bydgoszcz (Rafał Bruski), Rzeszów (Krzysztof Fijołek) and Gdynia (Wojciech Szczurek) – declared income only from the presidential salary. Others also had income from other sources: from scientific activity, renting apartments, participation in supervisory boards of municipal companies, allowances in euro for sitting in the EU’s European Committee of the Regions.

The five mayors with the highest income in 2022 from the analyzed cities are:

Jacek Majchrowskimayor of Krakow – PLN 503,223.89 (president’s salary, pension, lectures);
Jack Sutrykmayor of Wrocław – PLN 413,233.07 (salary, salary due to membership in supervisory boards of two companies);
Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin – PLN 400,806.95 (salary, lectures, contracts of mandate and copyright);
Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Lodz – PLN 388,406.33 (salary, remuneration for membership in the European Committee of the Regions);
Michal Zaleski, Mayor of Toruń – PLN 378,779.90 (including retirement).

The Mayor of Kraków, Jacek Majchrowski, was the only one with an income higher than the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda – in the asset declaration published on the website of the Supreme Court (the president submits a declaration of assets to the First President of the Supreme Court) wrote that he earned PLN 367,668.82 from his salary in 2022 and received PLN 86,000. PLN down payment from the sale of the apartment. In total, this gives Andrzej Duda PLN 453,668.82 gross income.

President Andrzej Duda’s income in 2022 www.sn.pl

Eight mayors – Krakow, Wrocław, Lublin, Łódź, Toruń, Częstochowa, Katowice and Poznań – had in 2022 a total income higher than those declared Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki – PLN 348,490.18 gross (including Prime Minister’s salary and MP’s allowance).

Remuneration and income of mayors of the largest cities in 2022 asset declarations

Cash, bonds, funds

However, the mayor of Kielce remains the most affluent mayor of the city among those analysed. In terms of collected savings – in cash, currencies and securities – no one can match Bogdan Wenta. He is a former handball player, coach and former MEP.

The five presidents who pledged the biggest savings in 2022 are:

Bogdan WentaMayor of Kielce – PLN 4,147,384.85 which consists of savings in zlotys and euros and securities: investment and pension funds (in zlotys and euros) shared with the wife; in 2021, however, the total value of the cash resources of the mayor of Kielce amounted to PLN 4.6 million;

Jacek Majchrowskimayor of Krakow – PLN 2,177,803.65 in zlotys, dollars and euros; in 2021, the total value of Majchrowski’s financial resources was PLN 2.04 million;

Aleksandra Dulkiewiczmayor of Gdańsk – PLN 692,697.15, of which over 192,000 PLN are savings in PLN and on pension accounts and in PPK, and PLN 500,000. PLN is the value of the life insurance policy; in 2021, the value of the cash resources of the mayor of Gdańsk amounted to PLN 633,000. zloty;

Marcin Krupa, mayor of Katowice – PLN 482,799.62, of which over 475 thousand. these are savings in zlotys, and the rest in euros and dollars; at the end of 2021, President Krupa declared that he had 498.2 thousand PLN savings;

Janusz Kubicki, president of Zielona Góra PLN 418,484.62, of which 384,000 zloty savings in zlotys, and the rest in dollars and Swiss francs and on a retirement account;

12 presidents declare savings below 300,000. zloty; the smallest: Mayor of Rzeszów Krzysztof Fijołek – 20,000 PLN (twice as much as in the previous year).

The savings of the president of Częstochowa, Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk, have melted the most. In 2021, he had 957.4 thousand in zlotys, euros and securities. PLN, and at the end of 2022 – 293.4 thousand. zloty. But for this he bought a second compound worth 300 thousand. PLN, another plot also worth PLN 300,000. zloty. In the statement for 2021, he declared that he had PLN 438.7 thousand to repay. PLN of loans, in the statement for 2022 in the financial liabilities column, he entered: “not applicable”.

Excerpt from the asset declaration of the Mayor of Kielce, Bogdan Wenta bip.czestochowa.pl

Houses, plots, motorcycles and watches

Local governments must enter the real estate they own in their asset declarations. Comparisons are difficult here. because not everyone enters the value of owned houses, flats or land. But from the analysis of what was written in the statements, we can conclude that six presidents have real estate worth over PLN 1 million. And so: – the president of Krakow Jacek Majchrowski owns a house and plots (shared with his wife) of a total value PLN 5,760,000; – real estate of the mayor of Kielce Bogdan Wenta (house and two building plots, co-owned with his wife) are estimated at PLN 3,290,000; – Mayor of Olsztyn Piotr Grzymowicz is the co-owner of the house and plot, which he estimated at PLN 2,375,000; – Mayor of Poznań Jacek Jaskowiak owns half of the house, an apartment with a garage and a commercial premises with a basement worth a total of PLN 2,125,000; – Mayor of Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski He owns, together with his wife, two flats worth PLN 2,100,000; – Mayor of Wroclaw Jack Sutryk has a house worth PLN 1,600,000.

In order to have a more complete picture of the property status of the presidents of the largest cities, we analyzed the section “Mobile property worth over PLN 10,000”. Cars are usually listed here. Piotr Krzystek, the mayor of Szczecin, as he wrote in a statement, is the owner of a Fiat 125p car from 1973. Jacek Sutryk and Marcin Krupa are the owners of Harley Davidson motorcycles; Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk has an Enduro bike; Bogdan Wenta has a Triumph motorcycle. The Mayor of Kielce also declares (as in 2021) assets worth over PLN 10,000. PLN two Cartier watches and gold jewelry. President Jacek Majchrowski, on the other hand, owns 22 paintings and a collection of decorations, and Rafał Trzaskowski – antiques he inherited from his parents.

Author:Piotr Jaźwiński, cooperation with Bartosz Chyż

Main photo source: M. Kulczyński, R. Zawistowski, Ł. Gągulski / PAP

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