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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Polish firefighters in Gaziantep. Other countries are sending help

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The plane with members of the Polish search and rescue team landed on Tuesday after midnight at the airport in Gaziantep. Firefighters will take part in the rescue operation in earthquake-stricken Turkey. The Associated Press agency notes that many countries have expressed their willingness to help. The White House reported that US President Joe Biden offered help in a conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Around half past one, a plane with members of the HUSAR Poland search and rescue team landed at the airport in Gaziantep. 76 firefighters of the State Fire Service and eight trained dogs will take part in the rescue and search operation in the disaster-stricken Turkey.

– We are ready to immediately start operations – said the commander of the group, Brigadier Grzegorz Borowiec, a few minutes after landing. However, it is still not known whether HUSAR will start the rescue operation immediately or only when it is daylight.

Other rescue teams landed at the airport in Adana, Poles who reached Gaziantep are the closest to the hypocenter of the earthquake.

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Poland sends rescue support to Turkey

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit southeastern Turkey and northern Syria on Monday morning. Over 4,000 people died and several thousand were injured. On the same day, it was decided that a search and rescue group of HUSAR Poland – 76 firefighters of the State Fire Service and eight trained dogs – will fly from Warsaw to Turkey affected by the cataclysm.

Five paramedics also flew to the site – 20 tons of equipment were taken. The Polish group took with them search equipment, equipment to expand the camp and to stabilize the structures of damaged buildings.

Over the next few days, Polish rescuers in Turkey will search for people trapped under the rubble. It is known that the action will be one of the most difficult in which firefighters took part.

Strong earthquake in Turkey and SyriaPAP

Boletus: It will be very cold at night

The group’s commander, Brigadier Grzegorz Borowiec, said that the action of Polish firefighters after the earthquake in Turkey will be one of the most difficult and will last about seven days. – This is the maximum in the case of search and rescue operations – said Borowiec. He added that minus temperatures will make the rescue operation more difficult.

– It will not make our work easier if it will be very cold at night. The temperature there drops to minus 8 degrees – said the commander of the search and rescue group HUSAR Poland. “The survival rate of people trapped under the rubble at such a temperature will be much lower than if we were dealing with the same earthquake in much warmer conditions” – he added.

Countries are sending aid to Turkey and Syria

Many governments have rushed to send aid, personnel and equipment to aid rescue efforts in earthquake-stricken areas of Turkey and Syria, the Associated Press writes in a first report on Tuesday.

European Union mobilized search and rescue teams, the Copernicus satellite system of the block of 27 countries was launched to provide emergency mapping services. At least 13 member countries offered assistance. The EU said it was also ready to offer assistance to Syria through its humanitarian programmes.

The Israeli army said it was sending a search and rescue team of 150 engineers, medical personnel and other aid workers to Turkey. The army said it would provide “immediate life saving assistance”.

Earthquake and recorded aftershocks in Turkey – locations USGS

Greece is sending a team of 21 rescuers, two rescue dogs and a special rescue vehicle to Turkey along with a structural engineer, five doctors and seismic planning experts in a military transport plane.

The German Foreign Ministry said it was coordinating its aid response with EU partners and was preparing deliveries of emergency generators, tents, blankets and water treatment equipment. It also proposed to send teams from civil protection agencies. The International Search and Rescue Germany group was also preparing dozens of doctors and rescue experts to fly to Turkey late Monday.

Great Britain sends 76 search and rescue specialists with equipment and dogs to Turkey, as well as an emergency medical team. The UK also says it is in contact with the UN about getting support for victims in Syria.

Countries send rescuers, medics and humanitarian aid

The Swiss rescue dog service REDOG is sending 22 rescuers with 14 dogs to Turkey. The government said it would also send 80 search and rescue specialists to the country, including military disaster experts. The Czech Republic is sending a team of 68 rescuers to Turkey, including firefighters, doctors, construction engineers, as well as experts with tracking dogs. Austria has offered to send 84 soldiers from a military rescue unit to Turkey.

Spain was preparing to send two urban search and rescue teams with 85 workers and a contingent of firefighters to Turkey. The Italian Civil Protection Agency offered a team of firefighters from Pisa as part of the assistance, and the Italian army made available transport planes to transport equipment and medical personnel. Romania sends specialized personnel and material to Turkey on two military planes.

Croatia sends 40 rescuers and 10 dogs, rescue equipment and vans to Turkey. Serbia is sending 21 rescuers and three liaison officers to Turkey. Montenegro is sending at least 24 firefighters to Turkey. Moldova’s president says 55 rescuers have been sent to Turkey.

Lebanon’s cash-strapped government is sending soldiers, Red Cross and Civil Defense rescuers and firefighters to Turkey to help with rescue operations. Jordan sends aid to Syria and Turkey on the orders of King Abdullah II. In turn, Egypt declared urgent humanitarian aid to Turkey.

Biden spoke to Erdogan

United States are coordinating immediate assistance to NATO member Turkey by sending teams to support search and rescue operations. US-backed humanitarian partners are also responding to the devastation in Syria.

From California, nearly 100 Los Angeles County firefighters and civil engineers, along with half a dozen specially trained dogs, were sent to Turkey to assist with the rescue efforts.

Americans send rescue aid to TurkeyALLISON DINNER/PAP/EPA

President of the USA Joe Biden During a conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he expressed his condolences and reaffirmed Washington’s readiness to assist in rescue operations, the White House said.

Biden “noted that U.S. teams are being rapidly deployed to support Turkish search and rescue efforts and to coordinate other assistance that earthquake-affected people may need, including health care or basic necessities,” the White House said in a statement.

Main photo source: ALLISON DINNER/PAP/EPA

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