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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria. TVN24 correspondent Paweł Łukasik in Turkey. Relation

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We are on our way, passing spontaneously organized groups of rescuers. This is a national tragedy, but on the other hand, a moment of unity and solidarity, said TVN24 correspondent Paweł Łukasik on Tuesday morning, who is already in Turkey and is going to the place where the catastrophic earthquake took place on Monday.

Southeast Monday morning Turkey and northern Syria was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of about 7.8. As a result, entire blocks of flats and hospitals collapsed. Turkish and Syrian services reported in the nightly news that at least 4,000 people had died. Aftershocks continue to hit the region. Over 1,000 have been recorded.

TVN24 correspondent goes to the crash site

TVN24 correspondent Paweł Łukasik is heading to the crash site. On Tuesday morning, he contacted the TVN24 studio by phone.

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– We are on our way, we passed spontaneously organized groups – not only by the state, but also by grassroots ones. We flew through Budapest to Istanbul with a group of several rescuers with dogs. Later on the plane we met more, they were greeted with applause, praised by the captain. These are touching moments,” he said.

Around 8 am, he reported that he and the team were “in central Turkey”. – From time to time you can see convoys with help. The weather is also a big problem. In Turkey, at least in central Turkey, it is snowing heavily, it is already several centimeters deep. This, of course, is not conducive to what the rescuers will do, it makes it difficult to reach the hardest-to-reach places, reported Łukasik.

As he said, “people are moved, this is a national tragedy, but on the other hand it is a moment of unity and solidarity.” – It remains to keep your fingers crossed for the rescuers and support them in the coming days. Now helping, saving lives, is the most important thing. Then there will be many more weeks and months needed for thousands of people in Turkey to return home and rebuild their lives, added the correspondent.

Main photo source: ERDEM SAHIN/EPA

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