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Easter 2023. Christmas will be more expensive – vegetable prices. Onions, carrots

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It’s going to be an expensive Easter. We have to tighten our belts, said economic journalist Maciej Samcik, author of the blog “Subiektywnie o finance” on TVN24. He pointed out, among other things, the high prices of vegetables.

– Recently, the hero of the collective consciousness is the onion. (…) It will be an expensive Christmas. That 30 percent has to be added. They will be so painful in this high price, because we also “made” the Christmas ones on savings – said Samcik.

He explained that in December “a lot of us didn’t downgrade” because we were using our savings. – Now these savings, as shown by various statistics, are no longer there, because they simply ended. This is the first Christmas when (we are) without savings and we have to tighten our belts – he said.

Core inflation continues to rise

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Samcik pointed out that it is high in Poland inflation base – increase in prices excluding food and energy. – Core inflation is still growing (…) and it is about 12 percent today – he stressed. – This is such a standard part of inflation, which will be very difficult to fight. If it is 12 (percent), then how are we supposed to have inflation (at the level of) 8 or 6 percent next year? How can the president (NBP Adam Glapiński) deign to give us such hope? Samcik asked.

He added that with such core inflation, we will be able to “get down to 12, 11, maybe 10 percent quite easily”, because “it will happen on the basis of statistical effects”, but inflation “will fall close to what the core inflation will be.” – So we will go down to 10 percent easily, but below 10 percent it will be a struggle – he announced.

White onions are 263 percent more expensive, carrots are 200 percent more expensive

Maciej Kmera, an expert on the wholesale market in Bronisze, explained in an interview with PAP that in the pre-Christmas week, pickled cucumbers and cabbage, horseradish, sourdough soup and eggs, i.e. products that are usually on the Christmas table, were the most popular. Sauerkraut costs PLN 4-5/kg, pickled cucumbers – PLN 8-9/kg, eggs – PLN 0.8 – 1.2/pc.

According to the expert’s calculations, in the first week of April, the prices of domestic vegetables were 46.8 percent lower than in the previous week. higher than last year. It breaks records white onion, which compared to April prices from last year is until by 263 percent more expensivea carrot – by 200 percent.

Slowly but steadily getting cheaper onion domestic and imported – the most common price is approx. PLN 63/15kg – PLN 4.2/kgwhile prices are steadily increasing carrot both domestic and imported, the most common price PLN 3.5/kg Kmer says.

There are more and more spring vegetables on the market, the supply of domestic radishes is growing, prices vary greatly depending on the size and range from PLN 1.5 to PLN 3 per bunch.

They are still expensive raspberry tomatoes domestic, they can be purchased at a price PLN 18-20/kgimported ones are cheaper. PLN 15/kg. The cheapest tomatoes on the market come from Turkey and cost up to PLN 7/kg. At the same time of year in 2022, domestic tomatoes cost PLN 13-17/kg, i.e. they were more than 20 percent higher than in the previous year. cheaper.

The expert noticed that cucumbers were already slightly cheaper, but the low temperatures made these vegetables more expensive. Behind greenhouse cucumbers domestic must now be paid to PLN 13/kg. Compared to last year, they are 65% more expensive.

Imported vegetables have become more expensive on average by approx. 16% yoy. The most – onion – 246 percent; pores – 136 percent; carrot – 143 percent; red and yellow peppers – 89 percent., some prices on the wholesale market reach up to PLN 21/kg. On the other hand, broccoli is cheaper than a year ago – by 40 percent. and zucchini – by 60 percent.

Domestic fruits, i.e. apples and pears, are 25 percent more more expensive. Apples are usually sold at PLN 2/kg, while the price of conference pears, which cost as much as PLN 7/kg, is still rising.

Imported fruit prices increased by approx. 3% yoy. The most – tangerines, pears, lemons and grapefruits.

There are already imported strawberries on sale from Greece. However, these are not very popular, because the cold weather is not conducive to consumption – explained Kmera. That is why they are sold for as much as PLN 4-6 per kg. There are also no buyers for watermelons, which is why their price has dropped to PLN 4.5 / kg. Citrus prices are stable.

Interest rates and inflation in Poland

According to data from the Central Statistical Office in March 2023 price growth was 16.2 percent year-on-year. Compared to the previous month, inflation was 1.1 percent. In February, the increase in the prices of goods and services was 18.4 percent on an annualized basis, which was the highest level since December 1996.

The Monetary Policy Council at the April meeting did not change interest rates. This decision was expected by most economists. The main NBP rate, the reference rate, remained at 6.75%.

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