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Easter 2023. Eggs, poultry meat – wholesale prices equalized

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Wholesale prices of eggs and poultry meat in the European Union have become equal. So far, poultry meat has been several dozen percent more expensive, according to the National Chamber of Poultry and Feed Producers (KIPDiP). In her opinion, the current price situation shows a huge imbalance in the poultry markets.

According to the quotations of the European Commission on March 20, 100 kilograms of chicken meat for slaughter cost an average of EUR 263.4 in the EU, and 100 kilograms of chicken eggs cost an average of EUR 263.95. The average price of eggs in Europe was therefore even slightly higher than the average price of poultry.

Prices for eggs and poultry at the same level

– The price anomalies we are currently experiencing are the result of avian influenza and the behavior that follows this epizootic. Statistically, the virus primarily affects flocks of laying hens, and only to a small extent flocks of chicken broilers intended for meat. Bird influenza is harmful not only by directly leading to the physical liquidation of flocks, but also by indirectly stopping producers from supplementing and increasing their production potential – explains Mariusz Szymyślik, director of analyzes at KIPDiP.

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The Chamber’s analysts estimate that the egg production potential in the European Union in January this year was about 9 percent lower than the year before. The largest declines measured by hatchings affected countries such as Germany or Italy. The decrease in Polish potential was estimated by the Chamber at over 15 percent.

– The situation in Poland and Europe has caused egg prices to increase by over 123 percent from the beginning of June 2022 to today. Fortunately for consumers, not all of the increase in wholesale prices has spilled over to retail prices, notes Szymyślik.

According to the director, producers are not satisfied with such large price increases. Such a sharp increase reduces demand, which in the long term harms breeders of laying hens. People are buying fewer eggs, restaurants and pastry shops are changing their recipes to require fewer eggs, and birds are appearing again in empty chicken coops. The consolidation of these trends heralds a worse period for the egg sector, which is why producers are doing their best to make consumers feel the current difficult situation as little as possible – explains Szymyślik.

Average egg prices in the EU are currently 75% lower than in the EU. higher than the average for the comparable period from 2018 to 2022.

Poland is the sixth largest producer of eggs in the EU, after FranceGermany, SpainItalians and the Netherlands.

Egg wholesale prices – data

In the third week of March the average prices of 100 table eggs in packing plants (wholesale) according to the data collected by the Ministry of Agriculture were PLN 81.48 (class L) and PLN 79.39 (class M) for cage eggs; barn eggs PLN 90.01 (L) and PLN 81.47 (M); free-range eggs – PLN 94.12 (L) and PLN 86.88 (M).

The highest increase in prices took place in the autumn, from December to March this year. egg price fluctuations in wholesale sales are already small.

Last year, according to preliminary data, Poland exported over 228 thousand. tonnes of eggs for the amount of EUR 427.5 thousand, almost twice as much as the year before. The largest recipients of eggs were: Germany, the Netherlands, France, Hungary, Czech Republic and Italy. About 19.8 thousand were imported to Poland. tons mainly from Germany, Lithuania and Ukraine.

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