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Easter breakfast for lonely, poor and homeless people. “Something beautiful, because the table unites”

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Without the help of others, these holidays would be even sadder. In many cities, Easter breakfasts were organized for the lonely, the poor and people in crisis of homelessness. Kindness and encouragement were as important to them as the table was set.

They sat down at a lavishly laid table, but most importantly, they were not alone. – Single people can meet on such a special day – admits Mr. Wacław. – I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas – says Mr. Piotr. For them, Easter will no longer be so sad. Easter breakfasts for the lonely, the poor and people in crisis of homelessness were organized in many cities.

A meal for four thousand people

– We are happy that we can always help you in any way – said Jan Piontek, founder of the “Weź Pomóz” Foundation, to those gathered at the meeting. This is help that cannot be measured only in money. – On the one hand, they need bread, but on the other hand, we really need meeting other people and love – says Honorata Kozłowska, director of the Catholic School Complex named after Our Lady of Mercy in Białystok. – These are often homeless people and often older people, whose children have gone abroad, they have no contact and often feel unnecessary – explains Jan Piontek, founder of the “Weź Pomóz” Foundation. In Katowice, no restaurant in Poland could accommodate so many guests at one table, so a Christmas meal for four thousand people was organized at the International Congress Center, where cultural events take place. Easter dishes were served by 150 volunteers.

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Nobody left empty-handed

– It's really warm. It's great, admits Andrzej. – Very pleasant – adds Mr. Roman. – The atmosphere is wonderful, the staff and volunteers are really great – describes Mrs. Krystyna.

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King Charles appeared in public. He took part in the Easter service Reuters

– Something beautiful, because a table unites, a table allows you to stop for a moment and think about your life – says Mikołaj Rykowski, president of the “Free Space” Foundation.

The Metropolitan Easter Breakfast for singles was organized for the sixth time. There was no need to register your participation in advance. It was enough to just come. There was no shortage of room for anyone. – These are people who do not pretend anything, so their wishes are the simplest and most beautiful, and when I hear wishes of hope from them, I know that it sounds particularly deep and strong – admits Archbishop Adrian Galbas, Metropolitan of Katowice. According to the Elizabethan Sisters from Poznań, who have been organizing Christmas refreshments for the poor for nine years, the queues for food are getting longer every year. – Nine years ago there were 150-170 people. And after nine years we already have 1,200 – says Sister Józefa Krupa. And no one left empty-handed. Everyone got takeaway food.

In Wrocław, almost 1,400 people sat at one table

– We came and packed these parcels. Previously, we had to bring them, take them out and prepare them so that everything was ready, says Jadzia Isańska, a volunteer and scout. – I used to need help myself, someone brought it to me and helped me, and now I try to repay it somehow – admits Czesław, one of the volunteers. – May this day lift everyone's spirits, that they are not alone in this Easter, that many hearts, many wonderful hands have collected so much goodness to share today – says Sister Józefa Krupa.

Easter mass with the participation of Pope Francis

Easter mass with the participation of Pope FrancisReuters

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Nearly 1,400 people sat at one table in Wrocław with those who cannot often ask for help on a daily basis. – Older people need the most help. Older people often bottle up this grief, sadness, hunger, they are afraid to show themselves, because I have worked hard in my life and today I am ashamed to reach out for help. I always say “no, there's nothing to be ashamed of. It's shameful to steal,” says Jan Piontek. For students from the Catholic school complex in Białystok, this is the most important lesson. They devoted their free time to create a festive atmosphere in the gym. – I came because I'm lonely – says Mr. Ryszard. Mrs. Mirosława came with her sister.

– We try to educate in such a way that (students – ed.) want to help, so that their hearts expand in this way – says Kozłowska.

Each parcel for those in need has double value

The scale of Christmas support cannot be overestimated. In the provincial capital of Podlasie, 800 parcels were distributed to those who, for various reasons, did not have money for shopping. – I don't have a job, it's hard to find one at my age, says Mr. Jacek. – I'm sick and I don't have anything to eat – admits Mrs. Regina. For the recipients, each package has double value. Because apart from traditional Easter dishes, what counts is the memory of the other person.

– These are such special times when no one should suffer from any deprivation or loneliness – says Dominika Czarnecka, vice-president of the Czarnecki Family Foundation.

Author:Marta Kolbus

Main photo source: TVN24

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