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Eastern Bypass of Wrocław. Dangerous overtaking on the ban. The driver was driving to the front with a police car

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A driver driving along the Eastern Bypass of Wrocław witnessed dangerous overtaking. Three cars, one after the other, were overtaking in an illegal place. One of them came close to causing a head-on collision with a police car.

The incident took place on April 10 at the entrance to the Czernica commune from the side of Długołęka. A few days later, a recording of this event appeared on the Stop Cham channel.

The author of the recording recorded how the drivers of three cars – Skoda and two BMW – overtake in a prohibited place. Everyone took a risk and each of them had to brake in an emergency.

Opposite car

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The Skoda driver pressed the brake pedal hardest. As you can see in the video, he was thrown around as he slowed down sharply to avoid colliding with an oncoming vehicle. The other overtakers also squeezed between the cars, nearly colliding.

The driver was driving to the front with a police carAlloy Cham

As it turned out a moment later, a car coming from the opposite direction to a marked police car. The officers stopped the vehicle, turned on the lights and sirens and turned around.

Main photo source: Alloy Cham

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