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Monday, May 16, 2022

Economy. Pandemic, inflation, new regulations and taxes are hitting companies. “It’s getting worse, worse and worse”

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It has never been so bad – small entrepreneurs all over the country complain. Some of them have lost to the pandemic, others are currently battling inflation and regulatory changes. The difficult situation forces companies to raise prices for customers. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

– Two years ago it cost PLN 60, now – PLN 150, so the prices have increased – said the owner of one of the florists in Radom, showing one of the bouquets.


Problems of entrepreneurs

A flower seller from Radom, a restaurateur from Krakow, a purse maker from Warsaw – they deal with something completely different, but they face the same problem – how to stay on the market in the era of galloping prices, changes in regulations, pandemics?

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– If it goes on like this, it will just have to be closed – said the flower seller. – We don’t know where we stand at all. The first question I asked the accountant was: what is it? She said that no one knows what it is about – said the restaurateur from Krakow.

– It gets worse and worse. We do not know how long we will stay in the market, said the entrepreneur from Warsaw.

Lucas from the Netherlands has already made up his mind – he has closed the bistro he was running with his partner in Warsaw. He has already taken off the neon sign, the move is in progress. Life in Poland turned out to be too difficult, the couple are getting ready to go abroad. – The reason that we did not survive is definitely a pandemic and no help – said Agnieszka Bisewska, the co-host of the bistro.

The pair did not catch any target. Savings are over, they don’t want to take a loan. – A fresh start without savings is too difficult. I think a better option is to work in another country, said Lucas Mol.

– We would love to stay in Poland, but there are no such options. We have to work somewhere for two or three years to save something, to open something, I think it would be impossible in Poland – explained Agnieszka.

In December last year, a bakery also disappeared from the map of the capital. – Someone said, the prime minister, or someone else: do not leave the house, because there is a pandemic. So one day you don’t have customers and what can you do? I closed the business, I have a lot of loans – said Daniel Chmura, who ran a bakery in Warsaw.

Inflation is hitting businesses

From the beginning of the year, over 16 thousand companies. Almost the same number of completed activities, and 15 thousand. suspended it – according to the data of the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity.

– I hear more and more often: you know what, I give myself two or three months and close, I can’t make it. ZUS alone is now PLN 1700 – said Robert Wężyk, who runs a store in Radom.

The Wężyk family are still struggling to survive – however, the future of their store was put into question due to the soaring prices. – We had gas two seasons ago, let’s say about two thousand we paid for the heating season. At the moment, we have to pay over six thousand – said Katarzyna Wężyk, who co-runs the facility.

Raises are nowadays a word used by entrepreneurs in all cases. – We intend to raise the prices, because all the products we use – cosmetic or even disinfection – each delivery is a different price – said Aneta Bartnicka, who runs a hairdressing salon in Radom.

– I can even see the customers who always came and bought beautiful bouquets – now they come and buy one rose – said Błażej Romanowski, owner of a florist in Radom.

Insufficient pandemic assistance

When the pandemic broke out, entrepreneurs got help from the shield. However, it is difficult to say that everyone is satisfied. Mrs. Dorota has prepared a lawsuit against the State Treasury.

– We are seeking compensation for the lockdown period, i.e. primarily for the lack of assistance. There are over 300 entities and we are currently applying for a total of 220 million – said Dorota Rydygier, owner of a restaurant in Krakow.

Who will survive in the market? For many, the next few months will be crucial. – I would like one thing: that the state would give me peace of mind, that it would give me nothing, but take as little as possible from me – summed up the entrepreneur from Radom.

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