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Economy. Poland is the second most popular location for Shared Service Centers

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Poland is in second place in the world among the most popular locations for Shared Services Centers – according to the Global Shared Services & Outsourcing Survey 2023 report. Out of 57 countries, India is in first place and Mexico is in third place.

Shared Services Center (CUW) (shared services center) is a separate organizational unit. Its main task is to provide services to a given capital group of a multi-plant enterprise or local government or government public administration.

According to the Global Shared Services & Outsourcing Survey 2023 report by the consulting company Deloitte, in the face of dynamic economic changes, business service centers still prioritize cost reduction. It was indicated that approximately 70 percent Global Business Services (GBS) centers are planning to reorganize the portfolio of services provided in the GBS model while maintaining the current locations. In the case of decisions to change locations, more than half of them are dictated by the desire to reduce costs. “It is also worth noting that a significant part of location changes results from the search for employees with specific competences,” it was noted.

Main service areas

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The study stated that the main functions supported by GBS are: finance (indicated by 91 percent of respondents), HR (62 percent), IT (57 percent) and purchasing (52 percent). It noted that the type of features supported by GBS are “essentially unchanged.” However, it was indicated that as part of these functions, “more sophisticated process elements” are increasingly transferred to GBS, i.e. not only transactional and reporting elements, but also those that support decision-making in the organization.

According to the report, Shared Service Centers (SSC) and GBS “are characterized by increasing agility, are more digitized and cost-effective.” This results – it was added – not only from the desire to increase efficiency, but “primarily from the desire to constantly improve the quality of customer service and employee experience.”

Among the most popular locations of Shared Service Centers in 57 countries, the podiums were taken by: IndiaPoland i Mexico – according to the report. Poland, next door BulgariaIreland, Mexico and Malaysia are among the countries that have recorded the highest percentage increase in customer preferences regarding the location of Shared Service Centers since 2021.

“The advantages of Poland as a GBS location are generally considered to be: access to qualified experts, positive customer experiences, and the advantages of the fact that Poland is a member of the European Union, which provides comfort resulting from applicable regulations regarding information security, cybersecurity and others,” it was noted.

Monika Warmbier from Deloitte Polska, quoted in the report, noted that Shared Service Centers strive to be closer to business. – The consequence of this is that the implemented digital solutions in the field of planning, analytics and reporting are designed to meet the information needs of individual leaders and thus support them in making decisions – said the expert.

According to the study, one of the challenges of GBS is the area related to the customer experience, i.e. the business served. The steps that are already being taken to improve customer service include: conducting customer surveys (declared by 63 percent of respondents), adapting the types of services to customer goals (51 percent), increasing the transparency of applied service standards (48 percent).

A key challenge

As Piotr Świętochowski from Deloitte Polska noted, one of the key challenges for GBS companies is the issue of talent management. He noted that current trends in the industry indicate that organizations are changing priorities in their talent strategy: 58 percent. respondents do it to focus on improving their qualifications development opportunities, and 57 percent to maintain the well-being of your team.

– Interestingly, the lack of talent is perceived as an implementation barrier by 40 percent. employees of the GBS organization, while in the previous edition of the study this was indicated by 23 percent. respondents, i.e. as much as half as many – said Świętochowski.

The Deloitte 2023 Global Shared Services and Outsourcing Survey was conducted among leaders from 40 countries. The global survey received approximately 500 responses from respondents from industries such as: consumer, renewable energy sources and industry, technology, media and telecommunications, social sciences and healthcare, financial services, government and public services. The study was conducted between October 2022 and March 2023.

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