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Ecuador. Bella Montoya is dead. She died seven days after waking up in a coffin

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Ecuadorian national Bella Montoya, 76, died in hospital on Friday after seven days of intensive care. This is the woman who on June 9 woke up in a coffin six hours after doctors pronounced her dead.

“After seven days of intensive care, Ecuador’s health ministry confirmed that she died on Friday from an ischemic stroke,” the BBC reported. In the quoted statement of the ministry, it was stated that during her stay in the hospital she remained under “constant observation”. Earlier, the ministry announced that it had appointed a commission of experts to analyze the case.

The 76-year-old woke up after four hours in a coffin

An unusual situation happened on June 9. In the morning, Bella Montoya was rushed to hospital in Babahoyo due to a “suspected stroke”. At the scene, she suffered “cardiac and respiratory arrest”, which, combined with “lack of response to resuscitation attempts”, prompted the doctors to pronounce her dead.

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The 76-year-old woke up in a coffin. Six hours earlier, doctors pronounced her dead

“At noon, the doctor told me that my mother had died,” Gilber Rodolfo Balber├ín Montoya, the woman’s son, told local media at the time. “They even gave us her death certificate,” he added. According to his account, on the same day Bella Montoya was placed in the coffin. After four hours, the relatives decided to open the lid to dress the 76-year-old. Then they noticed that the woman was alive. “My mother started moving her arm, opening her eyes and mouth, trying to breathe with difficulty,” said Balber├ín Montoya.

An ambulance was called and the woman was transported back to hospital in Babahoyo. “The doctor who pronounced my mother dead was not on site,” the patient’s son reported. The 76-year-old woman was intubated and transferred to the intensive care unit.

The woman’s family She said she would sue the hospital.

A 76-year-old woman woke up in a coffinENEX

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