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Monday, November 29, 2021

Ecuador. Drug Gang Fight For Guayaquil Prison. 68 people died in one night

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At least 68 prisoners have been killed and 25 injured as a result of nighttime violence at Litoral prison, the government in Ecuador said on Saturday. It came about as a result of a fight between rival drug gangs.

The tragic events took place on Saturday in the Litoral prison in the southern city of Guayaquil. It is the same prison where 119 prisoners were killed at the end of September. The September events were the most brutal incidents of prison violence in Ecuador’s history.


Fighting gans as a cause of tragedy

The Ecuadorian government said at least 68 prisoners were killed and 25 injured in an act of night violence. It added that drug gangs fighting for control of the prison were responsible for the incident.

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The governor of Guayas Province, where the facility is located, said the situation was caused by a “power vacuum” following the release of the leader of one of the gans.

Ambulance leaves prison in EcuadorPAP / EPA / Marcos Pin

According to the local media, police and military units that entered Litoral prison found large amounts of firearms and explosives. According to the findings, the inmates in one of the wings of the prison building made their way through a hollow hole to the adjacent wing, where they attacked members of a rival gang. The fights were extremely brutal, some of the deaths were found without heads.

According to the police, members of transnational gangs, including the Mexican drug gangs Sinaloa and Jalisco, participated in the fighting.

Several hundred soldiers and policemen were needed to restore peace.

The prisoner’s sister: they kill each other and the saddest thing is that they have no conscience

Dozens of relatives of inmates gathered outside a prison in Ecuador to hear about their relatives.

Cristina Monserrat, 58, said she was waiting for a message from her younger brother, who has been in the factory for a year. “My brother is alive, my heart tells me so,” she argued. She assessed that “what is happening inside is reprehensible”. “People kill each other and the saddest thing is that they have no conscience,” she added.

Relatives of prisoners wait for information about their relativesPAP / EPA / Marcos Pin

Problems of the prison system in Ecuador

The Ecuadorian prison system suffers from overpopulation, poor sanitation and organized crime. There are approximately 39,000 prisoners in the institutions. This year, more than 300 inmates have died as a result of gang fights and other violence in prisons in the country.

In September, Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso declared a 60-day prison state of emergency, allowing the release of government funds for the system and military assistance with prison checks. On Saturday, the president appealed to the Ecuadorian Constitutional Court to allow the army to enter prisons, instead of providing only external security to penal institutions.

Earlier, Lasso assured that his government regained control not only over the prisons, but also over the regions of the country that were under the actual control of drug smugglers. But he warned that tackling the increasing use of drugs in the country “would take over 10 years.”

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / Marcos Pin

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