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Ecuador. The whole country was in darkness. “Cascading” power grid failure

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It started in the capital of the country, Quito, and then electricity began to “go out” in other cities in Ecuador on Wednesday until before dusk. electricity disappeared from the power grid throughout the country.

Energy Minister Roberto Luque, whose television speech was not reached by most of the country's inhabitants due to a lack of electricity, explained: “We are dealing with cascading failure of transmission lines“.

Ecuador. Power grid failure across the country

The authorities are in the capital unable to reach with radio messages informed all residents by phone that at least a thousand street signals were not working due to lack of electricity.

Additional tasks were assigned to regulate traffic at street intersections over five hundred policemen.

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Ecuador's overloaded electricity grid began to seriously fail in April this year, and Energy Minister Andrea Arrrobo was dismissed for “lack of proper planning in the Ministry of Energy.”

Ecuador. The country is facing a series of blackouts

New a series of blackouts across the country it began, as we read on Wednesday on Ecuadorian websites, just a few days after the Ministry of Energy announced that “no new network failures on a nationwide scale are expected” .

The announcement was published despite the fact that due to heavy rains and floods, they experienced failures and stopped providing electricity. three large Ecuadorian hydroelectric power plants.

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