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Ecuador. Wave of violence, gang wars. Nearly 900 detained, prison workers released

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Ecuador’s security services detained and detained 859 participants of riots provoked in the country last Sunday after the escape from prison of the leader of the Los Choneros gang, Adolfo Macias. In several cities, the convicts took prisoners of prison employees, according to the authorities – almost 200 people. However, on the night from Saturday to Sunday, the national prison service SNAI reported that all 178 prison workers taken prisoner had been released.

As Ecuador’s President Daniel Noboa announced on Saturday, 94 of those detained have already been charged with terrorist activities.

According to estimates by the administration of the President of Ecuador, the country’s armed forces have confirmed the death of five gang members and the dismantling of nine out of 22 organizations recognized by the country’s authorities as criminal, most of which are drug smuggling groups.

The presidential administration specified that two police officers were among those killed in the riots. Local media claim that three civilians have also been killed in the ongoing riots throughout the country.

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“A total of 90 kidnapped people were released between Tuesday and Friday: 56 civilians, six policemen, 23 prison guards and five employees of the prison administration,” the Ecuadorian authorities reported.

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Released prison workers

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, the national prison service SNAI reported that 178 prison employees taken prisoner by convicts during the wave of riots were released. The hostages included 158 guards and 20 administrative staff.

On Saturday morning, there was an exchange of fire between soldiers and policemen and convicts imprisoned in a prison in El Oro province in the southwest of the country. One guard was killed and another was injured, SNAI reported.

On the morning of January 8, shortly after the escape from prison of Macias, considered one of the most dangerous criminals in this South American country, President Noboa announced a 60-day state of emergency and curfew. Among the first detained were 13 members of the gang that broke into the TC television studio in Guayaquil on Tuesday, terrorizing the station’s employees.

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Ecuador. Soldiers outside a prison in Quito after the state of emergency was introduced (January 8)PAP/EPA/JOSE JACOME

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Carlos Durán Araújo

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