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Ed Sheeran trial. The star played “Thinking Out Loud” in the courtroom

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Ed Sheeran is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit for his hit single ‘Thinking Out Loud’. The lawsuit alleges that the singer plagiarized Marvin Gaye’s 1973 hit “Let’s Get it On”. During Thursday’s hearing, Sheeran made, among other things, a live song in dispute. He also explained how his hits are made.

The parties to the litigation are Ed Sheeran and his labels, the family of Ed Townsend, who wrote Let’s Get it On, who died in 2003, and Structured Asset Sales, which owns part of the rights to the song. The star is accused of plagiarizing a song by Townsend and Marvin Gaye to create the hit “Thinking Out Loud”, which was included in the 2014 album “X”, explains Reuters. The lawsuit claimed that Sheeran had copied “melody, rhythm and harmony” from “Let’s Get it On”.

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Sheeran sang “Thinking Out Loud” in court

On April 27, the courthouse in Manhattan continued process started two days earlier. People reports that during the trial, Sheeran described the process of creating the blockbuster, which the complainants claim to be plagiarized. The British singer emphasized that in writing and composing “Thinking Out Loud”, he “worked closely” with its co-writer, Amy Wedge. Sheeran was inspired to work on the song by sounds “humming” by Wedge. As the 32-year-old singer explained, the song was inspired by private problems. Sheeran specified that he himself had lost his grandfather at the time and found out his grandmother had cancer. Wedge, on the other hand, was going through a crisis caused by the serious illness of one of the family members.

As People reports, Sheeran also talked more extensively about how his hits are made in court. He confessed that as a teenager he wrote one or two songs a day, now he can write eight or nine songs in one day. “If a song takes more than a day, it’s not worth continuing.” It is further reported that at some point during the trial, Sheeran performed in front of the judge and jury two versions of his hit: the one that was finally produced, “Thinking Out Loud”, and the one that was created first, “Singing Out Loud”. During his court appearance, the 32-year-old not only sang, but also played the guitar, the portal reports.

Ed Sheeran trial

“People” explains that Townsend’s heirs first sued Sheeran in 2016. Their accusations of plagiarism were then dismissed. Another lawsuit against the star concerning this case was filed in court two years later – after Structured Asset Sales bought part of the rights to the song from the family of its co-author. Reuters reports that the first stage of the trial – in which jurors will assess whether Sheeran actually infringed copyright – is expected to last about a week. If the singer is found guilty, in the second stage, the court will determine the amount of damages owed to the accusers.

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