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Edge. The huge bald eagle was poisoned on purpose or ate the poisoned carcass of another animal

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A huge white-tailed eagle with symptoms of acute poisoning was brought to the Opole Center for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Wild Animals “Avi”. If it wasn’t for the conscious reaction of people, the bird most likely would not have survived.

On Sunday afternoon, two people driving a car near Brzeg (Opolskie Voivodeship) noticed a white-tailed eagle lying on the grass in the middle of a field. The driver stopped beside the road and slowly approached the animal to see if it was okay. He managed to get within a few meters. The bird staggered a little, but did not fly away. Then it was already known that he must be sick or injured.

The bald eagle was found in the middle of the fieldOpole Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Wild Animals “Avi”

“A bald eagle would never normally allow a human to come this far. The gentleman who reported the inspection sent me a photo. I saw a bird with its head hanging down, its wings folded, its body in an agonal position. I took a grapple and a blanket as protection and drove to the place. The items turned out to be useless, it was enough to grab it with your hands and put it in the transporter. The bird was so exhausted that it did not try to defend itself or run away – says Marta Węgrzyn from the Opole Center for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Wild Animals “Avi”.

Acute poisoning

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The bird was taken to the veterinarian, where a large amount of food in the goiter could be felt at the beginning after palpation. The food has been removed, the goiter has been flushed out.

We also did x-rays and blood tests. This was enough to make a diagnosis that we are dealing with acute poisoning with an unknown substance. We applied symptomatic treatment, administered drugs and infusions into the veins to flush the body. The liver suffered severely, the pancreas a little less. Day by day her condition – it is most likely a female – is improving. She ate her first meal, we are optimistic – Węgrzyn points out.

The bird’s liver suffered severelyOpole Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Wild Animals “Avi”

The situation repeats itself

It is not known what exactly was the cause of such acute poisoning, but Marta Węgrzyn has her picks. It could have been intentional poisoning, which occurred in the recent past in the vicinity of Głubczyce, or unconscious, indirect poisoning.

– Last year, someone was poisoning foxes near Uszyce. Then, eating the carcass of such a fox, a dog died, and a white-tailed eagle came to us, which we barely managed to save. Such a situation is repeated on average once a year – admits Marta Węgrzyn.

Everything indicates that it will succeed this time as well. An approximately five-year-old individual, weighing 6 kilograms, was in excellent condition before the poisoning. This fact certainly helps him to come to his senses. He will spend the next two weeks in the asylum. In the meantime, he will be monitored by specialists.

The bird was given an intravenous dripOpole Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Wild Animals “Avi”

Main photo source: Opole Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Wild Animals “Avi”

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