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Education. Return to school after months of distance learning. Students’ fears. Ministerial support program

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Since Wednesday, the school has returned in its traditional form, for most it is a relief. However, the months of remote learning did their job – not only the silhouettes of children and excessive kilograms after sitting in front of the computer show that this form of learning had many more disadvantages. Material of the program “Poland and the World”.

Experts can read the history of a pandemic school year from the profiles of children – how they stand, how they move. Distance learning weakened the abdominal muscles, arm muscles, weakened the legs. Some muscles need to be stretched, others strengthened, and now that the students are back in school is the best opportunity.


– We got fat. Children and adults also gained weight. We are all a few kilos more. Therefore, we take all actions to improve the physical condition of both children and employees – says Danuta Kozakiewicz, director of Primary School No. 103 in Warsaw. Therefore, teachers are also involved in physical activities in this school.

The school uses the ministerial program “PE from AWF” – teachers have been trained by specialists from the Academy of Physical Education so that everyone returns to full fitness sooner.

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National Post-Pandemic Student Support Program

This is one of the four elements of the ministerial National Program for Supporting Students after Pandemic, which was discussed during the inauguration of the school year by the Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek.

In addition to supporting physical activity, it also includes: additional classes to help supplement students’ knowledge, additional psychological support and the “See Well” program, which – as Minister Czarnek said – “is to counteract myopia, which became a problem due to the fact that the children were locked up, and did not look into the open air. “

National Post-Pandemic Student Support ProgramTVN24

“Quarantine myopia”

The vision screening test will be carried out in schools in the Lubelskie Voivodeship for the time being. But ophthalmologists admit that after the pandemic the problem grows – they even use the term “quarantine myopia”. There are more children who see ophthalmologists with a considerable delay.

– This jump of the defect is much greater, there are more of these children and they have ailments related to both dry eye, but most of all it is myopia – says Dr. Małgorzata Woś, an ophthalmologist from the Stefan Żeromski Specialist Hospital in Krakow.

The cost of the National Post-Pandemic Student Support Program is $ 244 million. For support, an additional diagnosis of psychological problems of children in selected schools, the ministry will spend PLN 15 million.

Student anxiety about returning to school

Many schools, however, already diagnose and help students who, after a pandemic, have difficulties adjusting to school life. These are both those children who have found it difficult to be isolated from their peers, but also those who have had a problem with returning.

School principals interviewed by the TVN24 reporter believe that what matters less is catching up with material, more rebuilding the school community. – We create a nice atmosphere again, we integrate, we create a community – Danuta Kozakiewicz. That is why the first weeks of study at this Warsaw school will be able to be experienced by students without grades.

Main photo source: TVN24

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