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Education. The government wants to reward teachers before the elections. “This is an obvious election sausage”

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PLN 1,125 gross – this is the gift teachers will receive from the government most likely in October. Just before the election and once. Teachers do not hide the fact that they would prefer to get a real raise instead of a gift. Ones that would allow them to live with dignity, and not fight for survival.

Despite the long weekend – in the case of teachers – it is difficult to talk about a peaceful rest. – A lot of teachers call me. A lot of people write to me on Messenger. They are just pissed off – says Urszula Woźniak, vice-president of the board of the ZNP Warszawa Śródmieście branch. Teachers’ dissatisfaction is related to one of the latest announcements by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The government wants to amend this year’s budget so that there is enough money, among other things, for an allowance of PLN 1,125 for each teacher. This is an award on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the establishment of the Commission of National Education. However, there are mixed feelings among teachers, because the award does not include academic teachers, and there are also doubts about its form. – Teachers are offered PLN 900 net. Such a scrap from your table – thinks Urszula Woźniak. – We don’t want to be treated as pensioners. Thirteen, fourteen, such extra money. We just want a fair wage for our honest work. And not such throwing money – adds Marek Jędrychowski, a teacher from Wrocław.

Teachers say that on Teachers’ Day they expect the government to give a real, permanent raise, not a one-off gift. – We are very happy with each award, but even this award does not compensate for the fact that as specialists in our field we still earn much less than other specialists in other industries – explains Anna Listewnik, director of Primary School No. 57 in Gdańsk.

– They (teachers – editor’s note) would like to have a decent salary, regular, predictable, related to the evaluation of their work, and not something that is more associated with a reward. With some kind of appreciation, adding – explains Dr. Jowita Radzińska, a sociologist from SWPS.

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Election sausage?

“Additional” money will take place at a quite non-accidental moment. – This is an obvious electoral sausage. Because, as we know, National Education Day is October 14, and, as we know, elections are planned in the area, Urszula Woźniak notes. The opposition says that money for teachers is important, but this idea is simply an attempt at bribery. – I understand that something must be really wrong in these heads if they think that intelligent, patriotic, Polish teachers will be bought with something like this just before the elections – estimates Michał Szczerba from the Civic Coalition.

The prize is actually supposed to appear on teachers’ accounts around the National Education Day, i.e. on October 14 – just before the parliamentary elections. – Of course, I’m happy, but I don’t think it’s something that will change teachers’ political views on how the education system works, says Anna Maria Żukowska, a member of the New Left. – Polish teachers are aware of how much evil PiS has introduced to Polish education. Liquidation of gymnasiums, chaos, Czarnek, villas that they bought with their own money for an educational investment. Eight years of baiting teachers. Eight years of sending political curators over them – adds Michał Szczerba.

However, PiS boasts that teachers’ salaries have increased in recent years. – This should rather be seen as a series of activities of the Ministry of Education that actually improve teachers’ salaries – argues Bartłomiej Wróblewski from PiS.

The Polish Teachers’ Union responds with numbers and reminds that a novice teacher earns a minimum of PLN 3,690 gross. – Governments that allow teachers to be pauperized, to lower their social and professional prestige, are putting their nations in immediate danger – believes Urszula Woźniak.

Teachers say that low wages will not attract young and talented graduates to this profession.

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