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Egypt, Aswan. Three fatalities from scorpion bites, several hundred injured

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Three people died after being bitten by scorpions in the Egyptian city of Aswan. According to the local representative of the Ministry of Health, 450 people were injured. The residents were called in to stay at home.

On Friday, after violent storms with downpours near the Nile, scorpions and snakes swept the streets, washed away by heavy rainfall. “Three people died as a result of scorpion bites, and more than 450 were injured,” said a health ministry representative quoted by the BBC.

Residents were called to stay at home and avoid places with a lot of trees.

Egypt. Deadly scorpions

Scorpions of the species Androctonus crassicauda are often found in Egypt. They are one of the deadliest scorpions in the world, the BBC notes – their venom can kill a person in less than an hour. Symptoms related to the widespread effects of the toxin may include difficulty breathing, fits and unusual head movements.

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An antitoxin against their venom is used as a preventative measure against symptoms, but it also works when they start to worsen.

Androctonus australis scorpions are also dangerous arachnidsShutterstock

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