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El Alto, Bolivia. Winter surprised the inhabitants of the country. “There shouldn’t be snow yet this time of year”

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Winter hit Bolivia earlier than usual. Snowfall has already occurred in the country, causing quite a surprise to the inhabitants. Moreover, it got so cold that the record for low temperature for June was broken.

Unexpected snowfall surprised the inhabitants of the Bolivian city of El Alto. On Sunday, some roofs and streets were covered with a thin layer of rainfall. Some people took refuge in their homes from the cold.

– Winter comes ahead of time. It is too cold and the children have flu, said one of the residents of El Alto Dora Paredes. The woman sheltered herself from the snow with an umbrella, she was wearing several layers of clothes.

“It shouldn’t be snowing this time of year yet. The fields are affected, everything we have produced recently will be broken. Snow is not good for us – said another resident, Maria Kantuta.

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A historic record has been broken

The Bolivian National Meteorological Service (SEMANHI) announced that a record low temperature was set in El Alto on June 1. In some places, the thermometers read -9.8 degrees Celsius. The previous record for this month was set in 1998.

SEMANHI reported that in the case of Bolivia the coldest time is always in June / July.

Main photo source: Reuters

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