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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Election evening on TVN24. “This is a moment that I call the holy grail of journalism”

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The election night on TVN24 was special. Both for us, the team creating it, and for our viewers. Thank you for trusting us once again.

At this point, the TVN24 team has been working for weeks. Dozens of hours of rehearsals, preparations, and a team of people involved. Everything to deliver the election results on time. It was a special evening in many ways.

As always, there were many “firsts” – new solutions and innovative ideas. – For the first time we will use technology straight from computer games. It will be truly something absolutely fantastic – announced Maciej Czopek, editor of the election evening. Great emotions and a great challenge – this is, in a nutshell, what the election evening looked like from the inside. – This is the moment we have been waiting four years for. This is a special moment and these are special emotions for every journalist, including me – admitted Anita Werner from “Fakty” TVN. – It’s a bit of stress, because the producers and directors of the election evening are moving us from place to place – said Anna Jędrzejowska, a TVN24 journalist.

The scripts were written down literally down to the second. But only until 21. – This is the moment that I call the holy grail of journalism. A fantastic moment that always gives me such a thrill – said Konrad Piasecki, host of “Kawa na ława”. – There are always a lot of surprises, also this evening, and this gives a journalist who works live and likes working live, and I like working live, a very big professional challenge – explains Grzegorz Kajdanowicz from “Fakty” TVN.

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Anita Werner on the backstage of preparations for Election NightThe 2023 parliamentary elections are underway. A moment before the end of the election silence, Election Night will begin on TVN24. Throughout the night, reporters and journalists will comment and report on the voting process and the results. The main host of the evening, Anita Werner, talked about the preparations for the broadcast in “You Get Up and Know”.TVN24

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The election night was attended not only by the host – Anita Werner. Together with her, viewers saw Grzegorz Kajdanowicz and Anna Jędrzejowska. Piotr Kraśko was in a virtual studio that closely resembled the Sejm plenary hall. He presented and analyzed the most interesting results of this vote. Monika Olejnik talked to politicians. Konrad Piasecki hosted a special edition of “Kawa na Ława”, and Małgorzata Łaszcz – “Press Box”.

After midnight it was broadcast special edition of “Fakty” with Diana Rudnik. Our reporters were in all headquarters to report on the reactions of political leaders on an ongoing basis. We also stood in lines to the polls – until the very end. You appreciated all this by choosing our station. TVN24’s election night was the most watched television. The tvn24.pl portal also recorded historical records.

Main photo source: TVN24

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