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Elections 2023. Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz: if we do not hold this type of government accountable, it means that anything is allowed in Poland

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If we do not hold accountable this type of authority in Poland, which has manifestly committed crimes, theft of public property, and destruction of institutions, it means that there is no punishment in Poland. If there is no penalty in Poland, it means that everything is allowed – said Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz (Civic Coalition), former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, re-elected as an MP in Sunday’s elections, in “Kropka nad i”.

On Tuesday, we officially learned the results of the parliamentary elections. On the National Electoral Commission’s website you can find lists of deputies from each committee who will sit in the Sejm of the 10th term. We elected 460 MPs in the elections. The division of seats is as follows: PiS – 194 seats; KO – 157 seats; Third Road – 65 seats; New Left – 26 seats; Confederation – 18 seats. This means that the democratic opposition has a majority of seats.

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Sienkiewicz: people felt stripped of their dignity by PiS

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In “Kropka nad i”, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, re-elected MP from the Civic Coalition, was asked about the reasons for PiS’s defeat in the elections. The group did not obtain an independent majority in the Sejm. – This is the issue of many citizens who feel they are simply stripped of their dignity by PiS every day. Because of the lies of Prime Minister Morawiecki, told with such pathological ease. By calling us Poles as non-Poles, by excluding us, he said.

– This hatred that seeped from every word of the officers of the television, formerly called public television. All this became unbearable for two thirds of Poles taking part in the elections. And this summed up the pride, arrogance and theft that have become everyday life in Poland under the rule of PiS – he added.

Sienkiewicz: people want justice, not Law and Justice

According to OKO.press, the Justice Fund, which is supervised by Minister Zbigniew Ziobro, announced a new competition before the elections. It is written in such a way that it provides financing until 2026, and the subsidy allows you to buy real estate. The decision will be announced soon, and among those interested are organizations related to the policies of Sovereign Poland. The competition was announced a month before the elections, is scheduled for the next three years and is worth PLN 15 million.

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Sienkiewicz commented on these findings. He estimated that the Justice Fund “has been used for several years to provide money for its own people and propaganda.” – Now, in these last weeks, suddenly Minister Ziobro still wants – what can I say – to steal PLN 15 million from state money, which will probably go to his own people, as has been the case so far – he said.

– This is the end of a certain type of theft that cannot be stopped despite the democratic verdict of society. The paper mills in the ministries will be working until the last hour and until the last hour PiS will squeeze the last thousands or millions from the state for its own benefit – he added.

– If we do not hold accountable this type of authority in Poland, which has demonstratively committed crimes, theft of public property, and destruction of institutions, it means that there is no punishment in Poland. If there is no punishment in Poland, it means that everything is allowed, he argued.

Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz in “Kropka nad i” TVN24

– People feel it perfectly. Every second voter I met on the street said: “Sir, I will vote for you or you, but if you don’t hold them accountable, we will find you.” And honestly, that’s a very clear message. Poles expect justice, not Law and Justice, but simply justice, he added.

Sienkiewicz: Jarosław Szymczyk will not be in office an hour longer

The former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also referred to the situation in the Polish police in the context of the change in the parliamentary majority. – Commander (of police Jarosław – ed.) Szymczyk will not leave because he fired a grenade launcher in his office – this fact alone would be enough – but he will leave for all his activities, for those several hundred police cars protecting Jarosław Kaczyński’s house as if it were a war, for police batons drawn against women, for a lot of legal abuses that came from the very top, he said.

– This is a disgraced commander, he will not be in his post even an hour longer after the change of power, and the people who violated the law and who were his guards for dirty work in the police must also leave – he added.

– However, I would strongly warn against accusing the police as a whole. The vast majority of policemen are ashamed of what the PiS authorities did to them. PiS politicians are responsible for this and the generals succumbed to them, not ordinary policemen, he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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