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Elections 2023. Co-chairman of the New Left Włodzimierz Czarzasty in “Fakty” TVN

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The first decisions of the new government should certainly be aimed at clarifying all matters related to the legal side: the Constitutional Tribunal, the rule of law – said Włodzimierz Czarzasty, co-chairman of the New Left, deputy speaker of the Sejm, in “Fakty” TVN. He added that the Left has submitted 230 bills to the Sejm this term. – And these laws are waiting – he said.

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Włodzimierz Czarzasty was the guest of a new series of interviews in TVN’s “Fakty” program, which was extended during the pre-election week.

– Sir, it is impossible, sir, in two days or two months, and don’t believe in such things, to repair everything that was wrongly done during the two terms of the Sejm, said Czarzasty, when asked about the plans for the first 100 days of the new government, if he formed It was or was co-created by the Left.

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– First of all, we want to strengthen public services, i.e. the quality of hospitals, i.e. the quality of schools, he said.

– We have submitted 230 bills to the Sejm and these laws are waiting. They concern matters related, for example, to housing, they concern matters related to… ZUS – added.

Sejm coalitions

Czarzasty was also asked about possible cooperation with coalition partners.

– The Left has a clean slate in this matter. We have been encouraging cooperation for a year. For a year now, we have not been able to imagine a Poland that would not be governed by three structures: that is, the Third Way after the merger of these two parties (PSL and Polska 2050 Szymon Hołownia – ed.), civil Platform and Left. We participated in the Senate pact. We are very consistent in encouraging people to sign the Sejm pact and form a government, said the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm.

– I am a walking love interest in this matter – he declared.

– I was immature in many things, in my opinion, but years have passed. I am 63 years old, I have a distance to life, I know what I have done good and what bad. And do you know what this authorizes me to do? To make fewer mistakes or try not to make them at all, because I’ve already made a lot of them – said Czarzasty.

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Who will be the prime minister?

Then he was asked who should be the prime minister of the new government and what criterion would be decisive in the coalition?

– This person should be discussed within the coalition government. He is the head of the largest party Donald Tusk. Therefore, it seems that this candidacy should be considered first – he pointed out.

– I think that both Szymek Hołownia and Władek Kosiniak-Kamysz guarantee that when we sit down, (…) it will really be much more reasonable, it will be without arrogance, it will be with a smile. And it will be with such serious thought about the state. This is the most important thing, he added.

When asked whether women could be key in these elections, the co-chairman of the New Left replied: – I don’t know whether women will be key in these elections. I know what is important to the Left. For the Left, women are crucial, they were crucial.

He added that “women really have it worse in many ways right now.”

– That’s why, for example, we decided as the election team in May that in all debates (…) we ask for women to represent us. Because some people talk about what women should have, and we think that women should talk about it themselves. (…) There are many more women with higher education in Poland than men. However, when it comes to, for example, the functions they perform, it is completely disproportionate, absolutely disproportionate – he said.

Czarzasty about apartments

The Deputy Speaker of the Sejm also said that “currently 60 percent of young Poles between 25 and 30 years of age live with their parents.” – And this is not solely conditioned by the fact that, for example, they live in the countryside, because there is such a history. In Germany and Denmark it is 4, that is 14 percent – he noted.

In his opinion, “at this point, the young generations are no longer interested in owning property.” – Because a young educated person, or young person, today works in Warsaw, tomorrow in Wrocław, the day after tomorrow in Amsterdam. I saw it (when) I was in Vienna. Ladies and gentlemen, out of one million apartments in Vienna, 774,000 apartments are apartments for rent. Of which the city owns 222,000 apartments – said Czarzasty.

He also said that “renting a 50-square-meter apartment in Vienna” is PLN 1,500 in Polish currency – in addition to higher Austrian earnings.

– It can be done, we do it in Włocławek. The person who is running for senator, Krzysiek Kukucki, vice-president of Włocławek, will do it in Poland, I saw it. You just enter the estate, there is a nursery, there is a kindergarten, there is a school, there is a playground. There are photovoltaics, there are great apartments of a good standard and all this is provided by the state and local government. And it must be done, this is the only formula and the only proposal that we give, which is different from all parties, he said.

The next topics discussed in the conversation were education and the Church. – Let me start with the Church, a real secular state. After the transformation, the Left was never against the faithful and against the faith. To be clear, I will never allow myself to be thrown (…) into such anti-, so to speak, church modes. Faith, believers, there are absolutely a lot of believers among the Left, he assured.

As Czarzasty said, his dream is for religion to return to catechetical rooms, for the clergy to be equal before the law and for it to be possible to enter the curia and secure evidence of crimes.

Debate without Kaczyński

The Deputy Speaker of the Sejm also commented on the absence of the PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński at a debate on government television. – I believe that Mr. Kaczyński simply escaped from this debate. (…) In May, we, as the Left, decided that women would represent the Left in all debates. I am proud of this decision on behalf of the staff. Mrs. (Joanna) Scheuring-Wielgus represented us today as the only woman among the participants – said Czarzasty.

He was also asked whether you had any complaints about the government television’s coverage of the election campaign. – This is a cesspool. This is a cesspool in all aspects. In moral aspects also, it means cheating people, lying, he said.

– Tolerance. The left is freedom. The left is cooperation. The Left is women – he summed up the program of the New Left.

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