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Elections 2023 – debate. MPs Barbara Nowacka and Joanna Mucha comment

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The election debate on government television was commented on by MPs Barbara Nowacka (KO) and Joanna Mucha (Polska 2050) in “Kropka nad i”. – It was a mock debate. These were questions that did not concern what Poles live like, Mucha said. – The questions that were asked were not questions. They were PiS theses, their description of reality, added Nowacka.

Today, a debate was held on government television with representatives of six electoral committees. They answered six questions Mateusz Morawiecki (PiS), Donald Tusk (PO), Szymon Hołownia (Poland 2050, Third Way), Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus (Left Wing), Krzysztof Bosak (Confederation) and Krzysztof Maj (Non-Party Local Government Workers).

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The debate was commented on by MPs in “Kropka nad i”: Barbara Nowacka (Civic Coalition) and Joanna Mucha (Poland 2050).

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Mucha: the prime minister was disgustingly aggressive

Joanna Mucha said that “it was a dummy debate.” – As PIS he made dummies of various institutions of the Polish state, including the referendum, the Constitutional Tribunal, the National Council of the Judiciary, it was also a dummy of the debate – she said.

The MP noted that “we are talking about the fact that these questions were longer than the answers, but we are not saying that they were questions with a thesis.” – In each of these questions there was a thesis, in some of them there was a scandalous thesis, because, for example, there was a thesis saying that what the Monetary Policy Council should have done was done in the government, so it is absolutely scandalous, what was happening happened there – she recalled.

– These were questions that did not concern what Poles live like: inflation, health care, health care, the issue of abortion, the issue of women’s safety and so on, only questions that were convenient for the government and to which I am deeply convinced, Mateusz Morawiecki had carefully prepared answers , because I had the impression that he was simply reciting them from memory – she admitted.

Mucha said that the prime minister “was disgustingly aggressive.” – This is something absolutely unprecedented in public debate so far – she said.

Nowacka: the questions were PiS theses, with their descriptions of reality

Barbara Nowacka pointed out that Mateusz Morawiecki “has been showing for a long time that the bottom is close to him.” – Today it would seem that he has already exceeded this level because he has completely left the role of prime minister – she added.

– The questions that were asked were not questions. They were PiS theses, their description of reality. What they said about forests and nature are people who cut down forests on a massive scale. When people go to the forest today, they are terrified because there has never been any logging on such a scale, she said.

Nowacka drew attention to questions that were not addressed in the debate. – Health is very important, the issue of health, the issue of access to housing. After all, they canceled the Mieszkanie Plus program completely. (Topic – ed.) transport exclusion, during their times PKS connections disappeared and there are fewer railway connections – she mentioned.

– And they ask about a problem that they think is convenient for them, which is false – she continued.

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Nowacka: it was a fake debate, it was not a kind of civilized debate at allTVN24

Questions at the debate “lasted longer than a minute, “were repeated twice”

Mucha recalled in the interview that the questions at the debate “lasted longer than a minute.” – They were repeated twice so that public television viewers were reminded of the false theses contained in these questions – she said.

– The most important thing is that this thesis was absolutely unambiguous in positioning the opposition and the government. It was a thesis that stuck to the fact that those in power are obviously making the best policy in the world, she added.

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