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Elections 2023. How Jagodno voted. There were queues to the polling station until 3 a.m

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How did the famous Jagodno, i.e. electoral commission no. 148 in Wrocław, vote? The elections lasted there until almost 3:00 a.m. on Monday. Law and Justice won only 5.95 percent of the votes. The winning committee was the Civic Coalition, which won 43.64 percent of voter support.

During the parliamentary elections at the district electoral commission no. 148 in Jagodno in Wrocław the last voter cast his vote on Monday, before 3:00 a.m. Even after midnight, there was a queue of several hundred people in front of the place. According to official data presented by the National Electoral Commission, the turnout in the Sejm elections there was 66.4%. The number of voters entitled to vote was 4,125 and the number of voters issued ballots was 2,740.

How Wrocław’s Jagodno voted

Official data from the National Electoral Commission show that the Civic Coalition won the vote for Jagodno with a result of 43.64%. The next places were taken by the Left – 20.3 percent, Third Way – 19.2 percent. and Confederation – 8.8 percent Law and Justice received only 5.95 percent in this committee. votes. As for the number of votes, KO won 1,186 votes, Nowa Lewica 553, Trzecia Droga 523, Konfederacja 239, and PiS 162. The Nonparty Local Self-Government Party also won votes – 43 and the Polska Jest Jedno committee – 18 votes.

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The best result in the committee was achieved by Alicja Chybicka from KO, who obtained 367 votes. The second result was achieved by Michał Jaros from the same committee – 216 votes, and the third by Tomasz Zimoch, candidate from Trzecia Droga, who won 212 votes. The next places were taken by Krzysztof Śmiszek from Nowa Lewica with 199 votes and Bogdan Zdrojewski from KO with 190 votes. The best PiS candidate, Mirosława Stachowiak-Różecka, won 104 votes.

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Jagodno. The restaurant delivered pizza to voters

The Commission on Jagodno became famous throughout Poland thanks to the long queues that lined up in front of it. We reported on TVN24that pizza, hot tea and water were delivered to residents standing in line. Wrocław’s Pizzeria Mania Smaku announced on social media that it had delivered about 300 pieces of pizza to people standing in front of the polling station. “Believe us, we didn’t do it to seek applause, but out of good heart and care for these wonderful people who decided to fulfill their civic duty above all else,” they wrote. The restaurant reported that the pizza was prepared and delivered by employees after their shift, of their own free will. In gratitude for this action, customers donate money to the restaurant, but the pizzeria appeals to donate money to worthy causes instead. “The great satisfaction that we were able to help wonderful Poles is enough for us,” it was emphasized.

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After such a large mobilization of voters, the popular social media channel Make Life Harder joked about building a tram line to Wrocław’s Jagodno as a reward. The city’s mayor, Jacek Sutryk, has already reacted to this. “We have talked many times about the obstacles beyond our control that we will want to overcome so that this tram can go there in the future… And then we can even celebrate it,” he wrote and published a short, humorous video previously shared by MLH.

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Main photo source: Tomasz Pietrzyk / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

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