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Elections 2023. How to vote abroad? How to join the electoral roll? [Terminy]

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The next elections to the Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Poland will be held on October 15. All Poles, including those living outside the country, can take part in them. How to vote abroad? How to take part in the elections on a Polish sea ship? We explain.

Scheduled for October 15 elections All Polish citizens with voting rights can participate in parliamentary elections outside the country. Voting in foreign districts will take place from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time of the districts. The exception are places where, in accordance with the above rule, voting would end the day after the end of voting in Poland. There, the elections will be held the day before, i.e. on October 14, reports the website of the Republic of Poland.

To be able to vote, voters staying abroad must present a valid passport at the headquarters of the district electoral commission. In European Union countries and countries where you can enter upon presentation of a Polish ID card, you can use the ID card. They must as well join the voter roll or obtain a certificate of voting rights.

How to vote abroad? Adding to the voter roll

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Poles staying abroad on October 15 can be added to the voter list of a foreign district electoral commission. A written request in this regard must be submitted to the appropriate consul before October 10.

You can do it both in person, at the consulate office, or by sending a scan of the application to the consulate’s e-mail address or using e-wybory website.

In the content of the application to be added to a foreign electoral roll, you must include: your surname and first name, PESEL number, valid passport or ID card number (in the case of persons residing in the European Union or countries that allow entry to their territory upon presentation), address of stay abroad, address e-mail and mobile phone number – informs National Electoral Commission.

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Voting from outside Poland. Certificate of voting rights

In addition to including district electoral commissions established abroad in the voters’ list, casting a vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections from outside Poland also allows you to present your vote at the polling station. certificates of voting rights. It allows you to take part in elections to the Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Poland in any place of your choice – including abroad or on a Polish ship. Any Polish citizen with active voting rights can apply for its issuance.

An application for a certificate of voting rights may be submitted to the consul or, in the case of persons staying on Polish ships, to the captain. Voters who do not reside abroad permanently, but plan to leave for the duration of the elections, may also obtain such a certificate at any commune office. The deadline for submitting an application is October 12.

An application for a certificate may be submitted independently or by a person authorized in writing. The written authorization should include the names, surnames and PESEL numbers of the voter and the person authorized by him. After the application is approved, the certificates are issued immediately in the same place where the application for their issuance was submitted. In special cases, they may also be sent by the consul to the address indicated by the applicant – informs the National Electoral Commission.

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It is important not to lose the certificate you have already received. Its duplicates or copies are not issued. After losing it, it will not be possible to take part in the elections.

Voting on seagoing vessels

As mentioned above, people wishing to take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections on a Polish maritime vessel can do so after presenting a certificate of voting rights. An application must be submitted to the appropriate captain before October 12.

Persons who plan to stay on a Polish seagoing ship on election day may also apply to be included in the voter roll in the district established on the ship. An application in this matter must be submitted to the captain by October 10. It must include your name and surname, PESEL number and residential address.

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