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Elections 2023. Jarosław Kaczyński in Przysucha. The PiS president did not come to the debate

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Jarosław Kaczyński did not accept the invitation to today’s debate on government television. Instead, he spoke to supporters in Przysucha, where he argued that he wanted to equalize opportunities between the city and the countryside. In his speech he also attacked Donald Tusk. The head of Agrounia, Michał Kołodziejczak, who wanted to talk to the PiS president about farmers’ problems, was not allowed to attend the meeting with Kaczyński.

Chairman of PO Donald Tusk – together with other opposition representatives – is taking part in a debate organized by government television today. Earlier, he called on the PiS president. Jaroslaw Kaczynski He had already refused to participate in the debate, and after Tusk’s words he announced that he was going to Przysucha on Monday.

At a meeting in this city, Kaczyński assured that “there is no Poland without villages, there is no Poland without agriculture.” – It is the case that both the countryside and agriculture are an inalienable part of our reality and that is how it was, is and will be like that – he said.

– We want with all our strength to ensure that everything that is now available to people living in big cities also becomes available to all people living in rural areas. Our idea is to fully equalize opportunities and fully equalize the standard of living between the Polish city, the large, richest one, and the Polish countryside – he continued.

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Jarosław Kaczyński in PrzysuchaPAP/Piotr Polak

Kaczyński about Tusk. “He was pro-German”

The head of Law and Justice attacked Donald Tusk during his speech, claiming, among other things, that the head of PO “certainly wouldn’t have stopped the war, he was pro-German.”

He also convinced the audience that “there is a threat of great chaos.” – Today we are close to what should be and what is our goal: first to achieve the European average (…), and then to exceed it and be among the richest countries. Someone will say: these are pipe dreams. No, (…) this is not that far off, Kaczyński said. – I believe in victory, I believe that we will win – he said.

Kaczyński: victory will not come for freeOrganizer’s photos

– The Polish countryside must play a major role in this success. It already has some of it. Sometimes, when I pass Polish villages, driving on various roads, I see (…) that most of the houses are villas. And this is what the Polish countryside should look like: rich in every respect, developed, with a strong culture, being a very strong, patriotic part of our nation – he continued.

Kaczyński also spoke about victory in this context PISwhich he believes will happen after elections parliamentary. – We will win, but if this victory comes, it will not come for free. It will not come because we want it to, or even because we are conducting an intense election campaign, he encouraged.

Kaczyński’s speech ended shortly after 6 p.m. After 6:30 p.m a debate began on government television.

Michał Kołodziejczak not allowed to meet Jarosław Kaczyński

Michał Kołodziejczak not allowed to meet Jarosław Kaczyński TVN24

Michał Kołodziejczak wanted to talk to Kaczyński about farmers’ problems that day. However, the head of Agrounia was not allowed to attend the meeting. It was explained to him that in order to enter the meeting, you had to be present on the list.

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Main photo source: PAP/Piotr Polak

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