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Elections 2023. Judge Professor Włodzimierz Wróbel: I think we are all concerned about how the government will behave so far

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You lose trust when everything has been done for a long time, regardless of how the constitution defined certain procedures. The authorities didn’t care about court verdicts. God grant that in this situation, i.e. the electoral procedure, everyone would obey the law – said Supreme Court judge Professor Włodzimierz Wróbel in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24.

Judge Włodzimierz Wróbel commented on Monday in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 to the issue elections parliamentary and forming a new government. He said that “we should all now really focus on whether this procedure to end the elections will succeed and will succeed peacefully.”

When asked what he meant, he said that “we all seem to be concerned about how those in power will behave so far.” – There are also a number of entities that play an important role in this process of transfer of power: the president, the one who will be the senior marshal, but there is also a moment when such a formal transfer of power will actually have to take place between one government and another, one minister and another. second ministers – he added.

– Of course, it also plays a certain role in this process Supreme Court. But she is, I would say, so negative. This means that the Supreme Court considers election protests, the judge said. He noted that “there were not that many protests during this election.” By Monday afternoon, the Supreme Court had received 44 protests relating to the parliamentary elections and 55 protests against the validity of the referendum.

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Wróbel recalled that there were almost 300 such protests in 2019. – This also shows that the scale of questioning these elections is not great at the moment. So various things can still happen here. We have to stay really focused, he said.

– I think that this process in which we return to the rule of law, we return to such observance of the constitution – I am talking about the authorities – is so important, so important and we need to be so attentive to what is happening in the public space that at the moment These other problems, even those related to purely political issues, very controversial ones, should be somewhat forgotten, he said.

– This huge public support, this huge turnout gave rise to optimism that it will be possible to achieve the result that everyone will obey the law. Let’s be happy about this, but let’s be careful, he added.

Judge Wróbel: the authorities didn’t care about court judgments

When asked why he was so anxious, he replied that it was “from these eight years” that we had witnessed.

– Trust is lost when everything has been done for a long period of time, regardless of how the constitution defined certain modes, procedures, and whatever was written there. The authorities didn’t care. She didn’t care about court judgments, she didn’t care about the judgments of international tribunals. God grant that in this situation, i.e. the electoral procedure, everyone would obey the law, said Wróbel.

Judge: This is too far from constitutional standards

He was also asked about words of the former head of the CBA, Paweł Wojtunik and the announcement of a request to the prosecutor’s office from the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński. Wojtunik said that a briefing was held at the Bureau’s center in Lucień two days before the elections. He publicly asked the Minister of Internal Affairs whether it was true that special orders had been issued “to massively apply operational control to representatives of opposition groups in the context of the parliamentary elections.”

“Enough lies. Neither the CBA nor any other service subordinated to me surveilled the opposition,” Kamiński wrote on Monday on social media. He announced that “in connection with these insinuations, the CBA is sending a notification to the prosecutor’s office that Mr. Wojtunik has committed a crime under Article 212 of the Penal Code.” The above-mentioned article of the Penal Code concerns defamation.

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Judge Wróbel was asked whether Kamiński had grounds to submit a request under this article. – Of course, this provision is among crimes against honor, among crimes that concern individual rights – not institutions, and even less state authorities. Therefore, it is fair to say that of course you can invoke this crime and prosecute someone, but if it is a private person who is defamed, not an institution – he said.

He added that “the content of this provision is such that it suggests that this could be done by an institution, but the moment when public authorities begin to use Article 212 as an attempt to protect their authority and honor, it does not meet such constitutional standards.” “fits”.

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