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Elections 2023. Kinga Gajewska and Arkadiusz Myrcha – MP and KO MP are married

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After the elections, there is a lot of talk about Karina Bosak from Confederation, who will sit in the parliamentary benches next to her husband, Krzysztof, in the upcoming term. But this will not be the only marriage on Wiejska Street. Kinga Gajewska and Arkadiusz Myrcha from the Civic Coalition, who have been married since 2018, won a parliamentary seat for the third time.

Electoral commission number 46 in Toruń was called the “Rydzyk commission”. It was organized in a complex of economic schools at Grunwaldzka Street, in close proximity to the Redemptorist church and monastery. It was there that Toruń’s monks cast their votes on Sunday. The commission was located in district 5, where Arkadiusz Myrcha was among the Civic Coalition candidates. Although it might seem that the Toruń commission is a natural stronghold of PiS, opposition candidates dominated there. Myrcha received the most votes in committee no. 46, as many as 338. A total of 64,452 people voted for him in the district.

In district 20, i.e. the so-called in the Warsaw obwarzanek, covering the poviats near Warsaw, the most voters voted for their party colleague and Myrcha’s wife, Kinga Gajewska. She started as number two on the KO list, but she achieved a better result than Jan Grabiec, who was number one on the ballot – she defeated him in a ratio of 85,283 to 71,534 votes.

Myrcha, now 34, married Gajewska, who is a year younger, in 2018, when they were both already members of the Sejm. A year later, their first son, Juliusz, was born. In 2020, their daughter Lilianna was born, and in 2021 – another son, Amadeusz. Meanwhile, v elections in 2019, they were both re-elected to the Sejm. For Myrcha, her current marriage is her first. In 2016, right after she entered parliament for the first time, Gajewska married motocross racer Piotr Płochocki. After a year, they divorced.

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The whole of Poland heard about Gajewska a month before the elections. The MP was forcibly taken to the police car by police officers and dragged into it. The incident occurred in Otwock, where the Prime Minister’s meeting was taking place Mateusz Morawiecki. The event was captured on video. It shows a group of officers forcibly leading Gajewska towards a police car, then lifting her and dragging her inside. In the background, people can be heard shouting that she is an MP being detained.

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Elections 2023. Marriages in the Sejm and Senate

Myrcha and Gajewska will be one of two married couples sitting in the Sejm during the next term. Krzysztof and Karina Bosak also got into the lower house of parliament in Sunday’s elections. The wife of one of the leaders of the Confederation in a direct party duel in “obwarzanek warszawski” she unexpectedly defeated Janusz Korwin-Mikke, who started number one on the list.

There are more married couples in the entire parliament. Adam Gawęda won a seat in the Sejm in the previous elections PIS. His wife Ewa was elected to the Senate on behalf of the same party. Spouses from KO were also sent to the second of these chambers. Barbara and Bogdan Zdrojewski were elected senators in 2019. Now they will both sit in parliament again, but Zdrojewski will replace the Senate with the Sejm.

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Main photo source: Paweł Wodzyński/East News

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