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Elections 2023. Left. Włodzimierz Czarzasty appeals to the opposition parties for a cooperation pact

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The co-chairman of the New Left, Włodzimierz Czarzasty, appealed on Thursday to the opposition groups to sign “sooner or later a pact on cooperation after the elections.” – Let people know that we are together, that we are together, that we respect each other – said the deputy marshal of the Sejm.

During a press conference in Katowice, Czarzasty emphasized that he would appeal to the opposition parties for cooperation, because this is “one of the most important issues for the Left”. “The opposition has the right to take different paths, but we know where it has to go (…) until election day and win these elections in order to govern,” he said.

– We want and we ask the opposition – the word “please” is appropriate, so that no one is offended – let’s sign a pact on cooperation after the elections sooner or later. Let people know that we are together, that we are together, that we respect each other. Czarzasty emphasized that although the opposition parties follow different paths and have different programs, the common element for them is the good of Poland.

He declared on behalf of politicians from the Left “cooperation and support for the opposition.” – Standing behind oneself in difficult times, because there will probably be some more difficult moments before the election, but then you have to shake hands, you have to smile at each other, you have to do it so that hearts beat and people know that they vote for responsible, reasonable people balanced, smiling at the world and people’s lives – said the politician of the Left.

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Left activists in KatowiceTVN24

Czarzasty: The left is ready for any variant

Asked about the announced by politicians PSL and Poland 2050 election agreement and a joint start of those parties that finally Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz and Szymon Hołownia announced several dozen minutes later, he emphasized that “everyone has the right to go their own way”. He added that he kept his fingers crossed for the leaders of both formations.

– We keep our fingers crossed, organize yourself and together with us, together with the Civic Platform, we are going to victory, we believe in it. You will be strong, we will be strong, the Platform will be strong – we will win. We will argue – nothing will come of it – said Czarzasty.

When asked about the chances of forming new coalitions before the elections, he replied that the Left “is ready for any variant”. “We’re going to get votes in either case,” he said.

– Is this the end of discussion about one list? I will be honest. We’ve had enough of these discussions. We just get on, we got to work (…). Does the voter really care if there will be one, two or three lists? The voter must have someone to vote for. We have our offer, others have their offer. We also keep our fingers crossed for everyone – said Czarzasty.

Main photo source: TVN24

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