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Elections 2023. Michał Kamiński: Andrzej Duda can respect the will of the majority or play president

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Senator Michał Kamiński from Trzecia Droga said in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 that President Andrzej Duda now has two solutions: either he will listen to Jarosław Kaczyński or he will listen to the sovereign. – He will choose the variant he is less afraid of – he said.

The opposition Senate pact will have as many as 66 senators in the new parliamentary term. Law and Justice won 34 seats in the upper house.

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According to the National Electoral Commission data, in the Senate Electoral District No. 41, the candidate of the Electoral Commission of the Third Way, Michał Kamiński, won 53.44%, or 198,074 votes.

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Michał Kamiński was the press spokesman for President Lech Kaczyński in the past, when Andrzej Duda was the undersecretary in the chancellery – when asked about the president’s possible post-election moves, he replied: “He has two paths. Either he will listen to Jarosław Kaczyński or he will listen to the sovereign.”

– The sovereign has expressed his opinion in these elections. It is clear that the provisions on the president’s prerogative in nominating the prime minister serve so that in the event of an unclear situation, the president can look for a compromise candidate when there is some imbalance in parliament – admitted the Third Way politician.

– However, here Andrzej Duda, I think, apart from watching various interesting things on the Internet, sometimes also pays attention to mass media other than Twitter and there he may learn that there were elections in Poland. Mr. Andrzej Duda may also find out that three parties that do not want the Law and Justice government won these elections, he added.

Kamiński: the sovereign has spoken in these electionsTVN24

Kamiński: Duda can respect the will of the majority or play president

– If the president has doubts, he will wait for the first session of the Sejm. At the first session, the Sejm will elect a new speaker and it will be known who has the majority. Then the president will have only one path: respect the will of this majority or play president, said Michał Kamiński.

The senator explained that PiS has no chance of building a majority in the Sejm because “the same sovereign who put him in the position of president of the Republic of Poland is today removing his colleagues from the positions of prime minister and his ministers.”

– He will choose the variant he is less afraid of. If he is more afraid of Jarosław Kaczyński, he will choose Kaczyński’s option, i.e. two more weeks of the circus from the Republic of Poland. And if he is more afraid of those who gave him the mandate of president, i.e. the citizens, he will act in a reasonable manner. There is much to wait for, he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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